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Pillager Outpost Map Concept (BETA) [1.9.0] [User map]

Minecraft is not in place. And recently published photos of the future Outpost, which belongs to the robbers. The author of this custom world was not too lazy and have built similar structures on the map, so You can plunge into the future and explore new items first. Here You will see the main tower with many floors and some resources. Around this high buildings are tents, inside which are hidden pumpkins, and also is a cage with a prisoner in it, the iron Golem. Download this map and see all the novelties awaiting us in the near future.

New Desert Village & Villagers (Village & Pillage Update Concept) [1.8.0] [Creative]

This map invites You to explore one of the updated village that were presented at the event Minecoin Earth 2018 . At Village & Pillage Update each biome will get completely different settlements with latest facilities. On this map You will be able to visit only a deserted village. Of course, she doesn't look 100% as it should be. Rather, the author predicts what we can expect in the near future. All the buildings were taken from photo and video materials Maincon. Also came the official announcement about the various people who will become adapted to its habitat. While You can find only three kinds of people. But as soon as more news will introduce the author and other future settlers of the world of Minecraft. Once in the village take them to a well, You are in for a surprise!

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The IT Clown [1.2.5]

It is also known for his favorite guise as the Dancing clown Pennywise — is the main antagonist in the horror novel by Stephen king, which recently appeared in cinemas. Now you can create this hideous creature in Minecraft. Adlon is a great for Halloween! To create it you will need four iron block and a pumpkin. Build the structure, as shown below, and place the clown face on top. IT is natural to become hostile towards players, so be careful. The clown is a very strong and pretty fast. You will not survive long without any armor (I can confirm this!). 

Elytra Parkour 3 v.1.0 [1.2.5] [Map]

This is the third (and to date) the last card from the card Elytra Parkour. This is a more advanced map than the previous maps because it uses more complex functions of Redstone and command block for the automation of some aspects of the mini-games. There are many different levels, so it will not be boring

Robots [1.1.0]

We present You an addon which introduces the robot. It is somewhat similar to the famous iron Golem, but the robot is much cooler and stronger! At the moment, of course, functions of the robot a bit, but eventually the updates will fix it. And in addition to the robots there is a cool modern helmet, wearing which You will be able to see the new interface.

UFO [1.1.0]

Finally confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial life! UFOs are real and they can be found in the familiar world of Minecraft. You don't have to search long. It is a pity that it all depends on whether the addon is enabled on Your device. Supplement enters the alien, known only as unidentified flying objects or UFOs. You will be able to float freely on the transport, feeling like a guest of planet Earth.

Flags [1.1.0]

This addon replaces stalkerov and introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft a lot of different flags. They can accidentally discover in the regular world, or put with eggs spawn. Flags will fit perfectly into any design. Here are all 16 different colors, the developer hopes that You will like them.

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Hot Air Balloon [1.0.5]

Hot Air Balloon is easy by air transport, which puts just one player. It can fly quite a long distance, overcoming the mountains and other steep terrain. A balloon is not so fast, but You will not encounter a single hostile mob. Presents addon will provide a safe adventure in the far distance, here just be careful on the ground.

Spaceship [1.0.0]

This addon adds the spaceship in the familiar world of Minecraft. In a future update, if all goes according to plan, we plan to introduce space travel (rebuilt thematic map). Presents starship works like an aircraft Black Hawk and the War Plane. Also, using this addon You will be able to create and wear a space suit that replaces the iron armor.

Nuke [1.2.0]

Presents addon will transform normal TNT in destructive nuclear bomb. It is better not to play, but it can be useful if You want to make changes to the landscape or to quickly clear the area. The bomb is not quite similar to real nuclear weapons, but it's still very dangerous, so be careful.

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