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Talking Villagers [1.0.4]

Aaaaaahhh... hmmm.. haaa.. that people in Minecraft speak, really? The resident is not the easiest person to understand it. His language has no meaning. Presents addon will fix this situation and give people the opportunity to communicate in English. Village people will play a lot of different phrases, and agree that it is much better than their previous low.

Biome Chooser [1.5.3]

Recently announced the innovations in the three biomes of our beloved game Minecraft. The changes will affect a desert, taiga and Savannah. Basically we are waiting for the addition of new mounts, such as owls and foxes. This addon is based on materials Mincone and offers You to go ahead and try everything first. In the desert biome You will meet the meerkats. They only live in the desert, so if You want to grow them in a different biome, they simply die there, what conditions would You. Also You can find new trees that replace stalkerov. In the forest hiding foxes, wolves substitute, growing shrubs with edible berries. And here you can relax with friends around the campfire after a hard night of adventure on the world of Minecraft. In Savannah will meet ostriches, on which to ride, and huge baobabs. Also on the ground will crawl termites, which are the only enemies of trees.

Dolphins v.5.2 [1.2.5]

Who is not aware, Dolphin is a new mob, which promise to add in the next update Aquatic Update, which will be released in the spring of 2018. Remember that this Supplement is simply a concept based on very few details! "The official Dolphin", that is the one that will be attached to Aquatic Update is likely to have many other functions than those which are shown in this addon. For example, it helps players to find treasures under water. They are naturally friendly to the players. You can tame dolphins by feeding them raw fish or raw salmon. Tamed dolphins will follow you as long as you're in the water. 

Minecraft Story Mode S2 [1.2.5]

Minecraft: Story Mode is an adventure mode in the style of point-and-click based on Minecraft but with a deeper story. A few episodes are already out, and we met with a number of new characters. This Supplement includes most of these characters and puts them into Minecraft (Bedrock Edition).

New mobs: 

Creeder (replaces spiders): Like regular spiders, they can climb the walls. However, one of the additional features is their special attack, which allows them to jump on your head and explode. They have two times more health than a regular Keeper.

Big Henry and Big Hank (replaces Wieser Skeleton and Strea): these are two different mob. Their models look about the same, but they have a slightly different texture. They both, naturally, hostile and cause nausea.

Ice Iron Golem (replaces Iron Golems): Icy Iron Golem throwing snowballs at their enemies, and they are also immune to Snezka.

Romeo (replaces Skeleton), he will constantly fly around and shoot fireballs at their targets. He also has the ability to call Primario Koloss (3 chapters Gast). To kill him without the use of fully enchanted diamond armor will definitely be difficult! If you manage to kill him, he will drop the Gloves Primarily. They will bring you extra health and strength.

Snow Admin (replaces Snow Golem): This mob is hostile but not very dangerous.

Prismarine Colussus (replaces Zombie): This is a giant version of Romeo. He's incredibly dangerous, and he also has the ability to call Pismatiski opponents. (Thanks to Julien who allowed StarkTMA to edit the model and use it for your additions).

Prismarine Foes (replaces Vindicator): They are hostile and will chase you. Running - the best advice! If you kill him, he TopNet structural units.

Anthony The Warden (replaces Zombie Pihemanu): the only friendly mob, included in this Supplement. If he dies, he drops a cookie.

OxBlood (replaces Creeper): This is a great and vast creature that is friends with everyone. But remember, if you make him angry, then you'll be sorry!

Luna (replaces Lama): There are two different versions Lluna. One normal and one in a beautiful outfit with the hat and scarf.

Norm (replaces villagers): This is the village of the cartographer Minecraft Story Mode. In fact, there are two options Nurma. One of them wears a yellow jacket.

Chapter 3 Gast (replaces Ghast): This is the most dangerous mob that is included in the Supplement. He is hostile to players and is able to spawn up to 15 Gast, as well as shoot fireballs.

Ghast (replacex Vex): Normal Gast

RedSlime (replaces Slime): faster and stronger than regular slaym.

Zombie soccer (replaces Zombie Husky): Like a normal zombie. He drops the coal, iron and diamonds.

Icy Ender Creeper (replaces Pig): This mob is a mix of a creeper and enderman. He can teleport and suddenly explode. No armor will not protect you from this monster!

the Magma Golem (replaces Mooshroom): he is very strong and immune to fire. If he hits you, you get blindness effect for a certain amount of time.

Giant Golem (replaces the Cow): shoots fireballs, able to spawn 2 to 4 magma Golems. This mob is extremely dangerous ... but he has some weakness!

Xara (replaces Evoker): Hara - friendly mob, which is a totem of immortality

Vanilla+ Addon [1.1.0]

Presents addon adds several features to the usual zombie-horses. Now ordinary horses can become infected by evil and become like them. You have to keep Your Pets in a closed and well protected from the evil creatures of the premises. Presented the Supplement, really interesting, it makes you care not only about themselves. It's a pity that such a function does not provide the official version of our beloved game.

All Glazed Terracotta Patterns [1.1.0] [Creative]

This card represents to Your attention all versions of the patterns with the use of glazed tiles. These colorful blocks come in eight types and how they can be nice to stack, shown below in the screenshots. Glazed tile hardness is no different from the stone and use it mainly just for decor. Presents a map created for the version of Minecraft Pocket Edition and above.

Transformers [1.1.1]

This addon introduces two alien robot who is known to many thanks to the film "transformers". Robots have the ability to transform into different vehicles. They bring chaos and destruction to the ordinary world or in other dimensions of the usual Minecraft. If You are a fan of the transformers movies, or just love smart cars, then presented Supplement especially for You.

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Dyeable Beds [1.0.5]

One of the future features of Minecraft Pocket Edition version 1.1 is a painting of the beds. Presents addon will replace salkera on the bed, which You'll be able to change the color. Unfortunately, You I can sleep on it. Resource done to You tested and evaluated for all the superiority of this idea. Now the bed will suit any design and color scheme.

Trading Skyblock [1.0.4] [Survival]

Here are the improved version of the usual maps survival "Skyblock". There is an addon which introduces the game some surprises. For example, You will be able to get to a store where you can buy and sell a variety of resources, extracted on the floating Islands. If You find a way to survive and good enough to develop, feel free to go to the Edge and defeat the Ender Dragon.

Jukebox [1.0.4]

Jukebox essential in the PC version of Minecraft. Its main task is to play music discs, which can be found in the treasures or killing a creeper with a skeleton. Presents addon replaces some items in the usual Minecraft Pocket Edition on the music player and the discs. You can listen to 12 different melodies that exist in the PC version of Minecraft. Addition works surprisingly well, it gives an accurate representation of the player. Now it only remains to wait for the Jukebox will officially introduce your favorite game.

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