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MarvelCraft [1.0.0]

This addon introduces four superhero costume, a bunch of interesting fixtures and of course new weapons. Also according to the usual world of Minecraft will wander all well-known villains. Wear your gear, gather weapons and engage in epic battles against the forces of evil. You will fight against venom, Loki and other intruders. Only You determine the fate of the game world.

FalloutCrafter [1.0.0]

The idea behind the Supplement is taken from the popular game Fallout. The addon will turn the familiar world of Minecraft into a more harsh place to survive. Most of the armor, items, mobs and blocks got updated textures, couched in apocalyptic style. Tame more dogs and embark on a dangerous journey. Build a house so that the room got bloodthirsty monsters. We wish you success.

DayZ MCPE [1.1.1]

This addon introduces all elements necessary for comfortable survival game is DayZ, which is popular in the PC version of Minecraft. The addition will takes You into a post-apocalyptic period where you can get immense experience by fighting with a crowd of zombies, climbing everywhere. In this case, You can use modern weapons. This game is best played on a multiplayer server, but it also works in single player mode.

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Naruto Craft [1.0.0]

This addon is designed after the famous Japanese manga, known as "Naruto". In short, it describes the story of a young ninja and his dream is to become the best and competent killer. This is a great addition for anyone who is a fan of Naruto or ninja in General. The addon replaces a lot of mobs, weapons and armor. User-defined function is currently quite simple, but the developer hopes that things can improve over time.

Dragon Craft Z [1.1.0]

This addon aims to bring the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition universe Dragon Ball Z. the Addition includes new mobs such as Saibamen, Saiyans, and Namekians. Also introduced a number of new weapons, designed to fight unusual monsters. Now the addon is limited to only creatures and objects, but the developer will try to bring everything to the mind and please the other surprises on the subject of favorite anime.

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