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Hardcore Lucky Block [1.0.0]

This addon displays a lucky block to the next level. Chances are You'll experience mixed feelings, finding one of these boxes. Breaking blocks with a surprise, often You will have to pursue failure, and something very unpleasant from the explosions to the appearance of monsters. And in very rare cases You may be lucky. Then You will get the incredible reward that may not even dreamed of. Perhaps lucky block so reimburses all the damage.

Wizard Magic Balls [1.0.0]

Wizard Magic Balls adds 7 magical spheres in the familiar world of Minecraft. They can throw, causing various unusual phenomena. Some balls are used as weapons against hostile mobs or players, others for healing. Presents addon replaces the rods, which is the only disadvantage of this resource.

MagicalStaffs [1.0.0]

This addon replaces the six items in the usual Minecraft to magic staves. Basically, they are a weapon against all mobs and players and can cause a variety of effects. If You dreamed about a variety of magic items in the game, it represented the addition should please You, so download and install it.

Boyfriend [1.0.0]

Tired of being lonely in their own worlds? This addition will allow You to make friends in a familiar world of Minecraft! The only thing they are generally disabled, i.e. not able to help, and are not additional equipment. Household actions that will have to do yourself. At the moment gaming satellite is very limited and will not protect You, but the developers promise soon to fix it, so stay tuned.

Girlfriends [1.0.0]

This addon changes all of the villagers at the girls. If You are the owner of the diamond, then any of the beauties can be Your wife. You'll never feel lonely in the world of Minecraft. Your wife will always follow You, and even to help in some household business.

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Bandits [1.0.0]

The amendment introduces several different bandits in the familiar world of Minecraft. Two of them hostile to the players, and one neutral. The addon is undoubtedly cool, if You lack of difficulty in the game or just want diversity among mobs attacking. But not all the evil bandits. For example, Punk will help to deal with enemies if they get close to him.

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