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Doctor Doge [1.1.1]

Imagine if Your faithful pet had healing powers? Thanks to this addon the world is populated by another kind of monster. They will spawn in the world on desert biomes (instead of the husk), and they do not need to call or to tame, but if You get close to him closer than 16 units, they will follow You and will heal You damage. Sounds and moves this dog is like a zombie, but absolutely friendly. He also looks like a zombie, but in a white robe, his head like a dog, with a good-natured face. These dogs-doctors will not burn in lava and fire, but rain or water they are killed. Dying, the healer throws the diamonds, diamond sword, Golden apples.

Jimbo’s Useful Wards [1.1.1]

How to protect your camp from attacks of evil spirits? How to secure your cosy cottage or the area near the mine? With this addon, you can equip yourself a real security system. Iron and snow Golems are replaced with stationary turrets with different functions. To walk they can't, so it will stay where You put them, but the iron spits at enemies with a fireball (and he is immune to fire), and the snow will throw You in the healing snowballs. The enemy will not pass!

Mob Upgrades [1.1.1]

This Supplement modifies many of the usual hostile and some peaceful mobs world Minecraft, making them more dangerous and powerful creatures. The addon changes some of the established manners of monsters. If You are looking for a fairly simple way to increase game difficulty, you want to make it more hardcore, then submitted the package - it is certainly the best solution for implementing the desired.

Cthulhu [1.1.1]

Cthulhu is an ancient creature living in the sea, in this respect, it is similar to all known Godzilla. Cthulhu is a gigantic monster, he has an outstanding  wings and front claws, and is also similar to the octopus because of his extremities. Once upon a time it was predicted that the creature would return and plunge the world into chaos. Supplement created to plunge You into the world of fulfilled prophecy. Try to defeat this evil boss.

Freaky Creepers [1.1.1]

Strange, the Creeper is much more unpredictable than a normal creeper. Modified mob will chase You and then try to raise his head. Then a strange creeper starts flashing like it's going to explode. But no, the monster will wait a while. This will allow him to confuse You, You can even feel safe. But do not have time to come back as: "Poof!" – everything will disappear together with You!

Wave [1.1.1]

This addon introduces to the usual Minecraft world is a very strange mob called Wave. The creature can cause with a single Redstone mechanism. In case of success in the air will fly something similar to a worm. The creature will fly, creating different patterns in the sky. But be vigilant and not give in to hypnosis, being in survival mode, otherwise the mob without thinking will attack You. Presented Supplement, definitely strange, but it allows you to demonstrate your fighting skills against something foreign.

NotchNotch GPS [1.1.1]

NotchNotch GPS is the addon that shows the coordinates directly on the screen. The pack works on all platforms. With such addition, of course, will be easier to navigate the vast game world. The coordinates are originally written in code and must be located at the top of the chat window, but for some reason we do not observe. With the addon the digital values of the location will be located in the bottom center of the game screen. The coordinates are valid in all modes: creative, survival and adventure.

Ancient Creatures [1.1.1]

This addon restores the ancient and legendary creatures from long-forgotten times. Most new mobs are extremely dangerous - they are stronger and tougher than the usual monsters in the world of Minecraft. With such beings the gameplay will be much more difficult. Here you will meet such creatures as the Pharaohs, ancient Cobra, flying skulls, and many others. Also the Supplement enters the crystal, is able to protect You. Plunge into the magic world and feel like a real knight.

More Wolves [1.1.1]

This addon is created in order to increase the spawn familiar wolves in the world of Minecraft. Before these animals can be found only in the taiga and forest biomes, now the predators occupied the whole territory of our beloved game. Now there's a great chance to get a best friend - a dog that will faithfully serve You and to defend against hostile monsters. The resource spawn of wolves is equal to spawn chickens.

Crispy [1.1.1]

Don't like to cook? You are not alone. This addition will change everything in such a way that when killing cows and other animals, will only drop cooked meat. Now at the initial stage of the game, and indeed, You don't have to worry about the furnace, instead, you can enjoy a decent meal without any extra action. The addon also increases the drop from slugs and spiders will drop spider pickle eyes. Agree, very useful addition!

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