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Notchland Amusement Park [1.0.0] [Creative]

Notchland is one of the largest and most popular amusement parks in Minecraft, and it is now available on the pocket version. When porting some of the mechanisms have stopped working, so individual landmarks are not functioning as it should. But since there are more than 70 different rides and mini-games, You'll find something that will make You happy. If You like amusement parks, then do not pass by, download and install this creature.

Simple 3: Forbidden Cave [1.0.0] [Map]

Forbidden Cave is the third part of the series of adventure maps Simple. This time You will go on a great journey to find and slay an ancient dragon, and to have stored his treasure. Along the way You expect a lot of obstacles. Card is undoubtedly very well-researched. Here you can have fun exploring the mysteries of the area.

Circuit Scramble [1.0.0] [Logical]

Scramble Circuit card based on an Android app with the same name. Here are the demo version, which now includes only five levels, but the full version contains more than 30 challenging puzzles. The map is quite difficult to pass. Most likely, it will suit those who like to solve mathematical and logical puzzles.

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Parkour IB 1 [1.0.0] [Parkour]

Parkour IB 1 involves some pretty challenging routes for parkour. The game consists of five levels in total, it may take 20-30 minutes. The problem is quite simple. Use your skills in parkour, carefully jump from one block to another, to eventually overcome all obstacles. Here You wait some tricks. Routes are, indeed, efficiently designed, therefore, to play on this map is a pleasure. Also the Creator has tried over the environment, and it certainly pleases the eye.

Ender Wither [1.0.0]

Do you think that simple ischitella easy to win? The developer brought something special to fans of difficult battles! This addon modifies boss and give him new abilities. The main feature - teleportation. Now You will be more difficult to keep up with it, destroying everything in its path, a monster. Also iskusitel will become much hardier and more powerful than before.

More Baby Mobs [1.0.0]

The amendment introduces children of 17 different mobs. For example, baby creeper, skeleton and even boss ischitella. They will spawn in the world of Minecraft, but you can own to encourage through balls. Also toddlers must be fed (for each particular food) that they grew older, although children mobs look nice and not so frightening.

Halo Hud [16x16] [1.0.0]

This pilot unfortunately that adds invoice GUI window to the user. Design taken from the video game Halo and is a display from the helmet of the Master chief. This package can be used in combination with any of the space maps. The screen will give the game an unprecedented atmosphere. The developer learned of a small number of errors that occur on some devices such as iPad 4 mini interface does not fit on the screen. All this will be fixed in the next update.

New 1.12 Color Palette Pack [16x16] [1.0.0]

This resurspak has incorporated a new color palette version 1.12 for Minecraft PC and implemented it into Minecraft Pocket Edition. At the moment the change has exposed clay blocks and wool. In the PC version the color palette covers more materials of the favorite game, but now it is not included in the package.

Evil Chest Boss [1.0.0]

This is probably one of the most ridiculous ideas you can encounter in a lot of different Addons for your favorite game Minecraft Pocket Edition. The addition will replace the Golem boss in the form of an evil toothy chest. The monster is hungry and loves diamonds. The chest will attack any player suspected that he may have stashed treasures. In fact, it's hard to hold back the laughter, when You run a walking box, and tries to attack.

Ship Wars [1.0.0] [PVP]

Ship Wars - fun PVP map that requires at least two players. You will be divided into two different floating ship. The goal of the battle is simple - to destroy the ship of the opponent. In battle you can use three different weapons that are included in the addon. Each of them has its explosive power. If You want to restore the arena right in the game, don't forget to download the world template.

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