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Half Heart [1.0.0] [Map]

Half Heart is a rather complex mini-game, which includes the expansion, curtail the health of the party to one of the two halves of the heart. Under these conditions, You will have to carefully plan Your jumps and steps, as You will be very vulnerable to falls and various injuries. One awkward moment can be fatal. This map contains only five short levels but really worth playing. Try your hand, get a lot of pleasure and share in the comments your successes.

Ender Wither [1.0.0]

Do you think that simple ischitella easy to win? The developer brought something special to fans of difficult battles! This addon modifies boss and give him new abilities. The main feature - teleportation. Now You will be more difficult to keep up with it, destroying everything in its path, a monster. Also iskusitel will become much hardier and more powerful than before.

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