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Notchland Amusement Park [1.0.0] [Creative]

Notchland Amusement Park

Notchland is one of the largest and most popular amusement parks in Minecraft, and it is now available on the pocket version. When porting some of the mechanisms have stopped working, so individual landmarks are not functioning as it should. But since there are more than 70 different rides and mini-games, You'll find something that will make You happy. If You like amusement parks, then do not pass by, download and install this creature.

Download notchland-pe.mcworld [21,08 Mb] downloaded: 178 times
Download last version of Notchland Amusement Park from the official website

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"Funtopia" is a huge theme Park created by just only two people. There is a wide range of attractions. There are twelve regions that you can visit. Find rainbow area, which will certainly lift your mood. Go down the snowy slopes on skis. Explore the medieval city. Try to take the risk to go to a mysterious castle that holds a terrible curse. Swim on boat on location in Wild West style. Here there is a large number of different cool roller coasters and even a water Park. You definitely will not miss. Call your friends in multiplayer mode and have fun together.

The Orphanage [1.7.0] [Horror]

You are a long time coming home. Pass hour after hour. Outside the weather is not favourable - pouring heavy rain and lightning. The street is dark, damp, tired, but You can't sleep, because You're driving! Here in plus out of gas and the car stops on the road. You can't how to get out of your vehicle and start walking along the highway in search of a gas station or anyone who can help. After a while You notice the gate and approach him, behind them is a large building. The weather becomes colder and You are full of hope that there's someone in there and give You shelter for the night, go inside The Orphanage is one of the most popular maps of horrors for the PC version of Minecraft. The developer ported it and now You have the opportunity to play on it and the pocket. Textures and some map functions are similar, but others were altered and adapted. In the game You can scare the game, so beware!

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ModernHD PE[64x64] [1.0.0]

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