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Halo Hud [16x16] [1.0.0]

Halo Hud

This pilot unfortunately that adds invoice GUI window to the user. Design taken from the video game Halo and is a display from the helmet of the Master chief. This package can be used in combination with any of the space maps. The screen will give the game an unprecedented atmosphere. The developer learned of a small number of errors that occur on some devices such as iPad 4 mini interface does not fit on the screen. All this will be fixed in the next update.

Download halo-hud-yellow.mcpack [211,85 Kb] downloaded: 101 times
Download halo-hud-green.mcpack [214,54 Kb] downloaded: 101 times
Download halo-hud-blur.mcpack [218,27 Kb] downloaded: 177 times
Download halo-hud-red.mcpack [210,26 Kb] downloaded: 121 times
Download last version of Halo Hud from the official website

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