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Baymax [1.0.0]

Baymax is a fictional superhero who submitted the addon replaces the iron Golem. To make this robot your companion is not so simple. After creation You will need iron blocks, armor baumaxa (diamond horse armor) and the program (star of hell). Perhaps the complexity of this process will make the game much more interesting. And after the robot becomes Your friend, he will not let You be hurt hostile mobs. Baymax will be an excellent bodyguard-superhero. Every game day, he gives instead of the usual one Golden Apple.

Treehouse [1.0.0] [Creative]

You have always dreamed about the tree house? The developer has heard Your wish! This map is a very beautiful house in a tree far in the forest. The building has several floors and includes many useful rooms and balconies. You can use them for everything, for example, storage resources or the arrangement of the bed. This map is quite useful for those looking for something cozy and comfortable and doesn't want to bother about the construction of housing.

Dandelion [16x16] [1.0.0]

Dandelion - a cute texture pack with soft colors that look very natural. If You are looking for something simplified, combined with its unique style, this all will suit You perfectly. Here changed not only the texture of blocks and items. The developer also worked on the design of graphical interface and menus.

No Buttons [16x16] [1.0.0]

This resource pack removes the control buttons with a graphical user interface, giving the game window more clean and tidy look. Keys are still functioning, just they will not be visible. If You are a professional in Minecraft Pocket Edition, it is likely that You are already very familiar with game management and do not require any tip interface.

BB-8: A Star Wars [1.0.0]

This addon brings to the game, BB-8 and certain items from the internationally acclaimed film "Star Wars". Charming spherical droid first appeared in the movie "Star wars: the force awakens", and since then has become very popular. It's pretty cute and useful companion who will always remain loyal and faithful to his master. Also the Supplement offers a new space armor and improved weapons. All of this will replace some of the stuff from vanilla Minecraft. If You're a fan of Star wars, then be sure to try out the presented resource.

Mine-Trucks [1.0.0]

Mine-Trucks introduces into your favorite game three trucks of different colors. All of the vehicles are designed in the design of Minecraft. At the moment you can only use them for riding. But the developer will add more features soon, so stay tuned. In any case, this is quite a useful addon for those who are looking for new ways to travel in the familiar world of Minecraft.

Sumo! [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Here are the map with a mini-game, designed for two participants. Goal is using his sword to knock your opponent off the Board. It's like sumo wrestling where two strong men pushed each other. But there is a more simplified version. Don't expect everything to become huge, or incredible. It's just a fun little mini-game!

Dragon Mounts [1.0.0]

Dragon Mounts introduces the game seven dragons. Every reptile must first hatch from eggs, grow to its full size and only then they can ride and use as flying mounts. Dragons not only look epic, but also established themselves as the fastest creatures on which to explore the vast world of Minecraft.

Wizard Magic Balls [1.0.0]

Wizard Magic Balls adds 7 magical spheres in the familiar world of Minecraft. They can throw, causing various unusual phenomena. Some balls are used as weapons against hostile mobs or players, others for healing. Presents addon replaces the rods, which is the only disadvantage of this resource.

Herobrine’s Everywhere [1.0.0]

This addon turns all the mobs into vicious killers, possessed by Herobrine. Even those who had previously been friendly, for example, cows, rabbits, and now will not be overlooked by players in the hope of killing them. This modification obviously makes survival mode a lot harder and scarier. Has changed not only the manners of creatures, but their eyes, which became white, like Herobrine.

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