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Impossible Maze [1.7.0] [Labirint]

This map is something like the terrible maze of the franchise "Cube". There are a lot of rooms and they are outputs. Where they will lead is unknown. It is difficult to determine which is the right path. the Rooms look the same, and therefore difficult to navigate in this space. the Door allows only forward. To return back is impossible. There are points that set us back a few points traveled backwards. Is it good or bad? Perhaps this is a chance to choose the right path, the right door. Need to know: each room has only one correct door. to sum up: here without the bloody traps and manyachestva made a lovely setting of "the cube". Fans of the series probably really like it, and good players will appreciate the efforts of the localizers.

Zer0’s Lab [1.8.0] [Creative]

This laboratory, which AgentCPU, also known as Zer0 Studioz, demonstrates their developments for our favorite game Minecraft. Here there are four large rooms. One room is designed to demonstrate the different mobs, one for viewing items and recipes. Upstairs is a room for conducting various tests. Here you can check anything, just not detonating device. With the help of only one button the room immediately fills with water and will be a great aquarium. For explosive pieces of obsidian created a special camera. It would be possible to test TNT, and a variety of powerful weapons of mass destruction without harm to the surrounding space. The entire map is made mainly for convenience of demonstration of the various additions. Perhaps You ever want to create your own addon and submit it to the people.

The Hungry Bot [1.1.0] [Mini game]

The Hungry Bot is a virtual pet who loves to eat well. Your job as the owner of the robot, takes care that he was always fed and happy. A hungry bot will not grow old and die, but his face on the screen will turn sad. A specific objective in the mini-game there, You just need to maintain the smile on the face of the virtual creature. Maybe she'll give You a good mood.

Circuit Scramble [1.0.0] [Logical]

Scramble Circuit card based on an Android app with the same name. Here are the demo version, which now includes only five levels, but the full version contains more than 30 challenging puzzles. The map is quite difficult to pass. Most likely, it will suit those who like to solve mathematical and logical puzzles.

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Behind Locked Doors [1.0.0] [Logical]

Kindle your neurons! It will need to ensure that You were able to solve eight intricate puzzles in the world of Minecraft. In most puzzles will have to use Redstone, to include mechanisms and complete the levels. Each stage has its own set of rules, so be sure to carefully read the signs before entering the game.

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