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BlackHawk [1.0.0]

This addon introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft combat helicopter "Black Hawk", which, indeed, can be used in battles. It is similar with the addition of the "Helicopter", that's just the design of the local aircraft looks much cooler. Also introduced new features which make the helicopter seem more realistic. Approaching hostile monsters and "Black Hawk" will automatically begin to attack them. Call your friends and make exciting fights.

AVA Music Festival 2016 [1.0.0] [Creative]

AVA Music Festival is an annual festival of electronic dance music, where famous artists such as, DJ Martin Garrix, Jay Hardway and many other DJs. In 2016 the meeting was held in Myanmar, so on this map, recreated exactly this building of the festival and its associated environment. There is a large stage and a control panel that can be used to control lighting effects, led screen and fireworks.

Helicopter [1.0.0]

This is the first controlled flying device for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Here are the really cool helicopter which can rise up to the sky and explore the Minecraft world from a great height. The engine runs on fuel, so try to do gasoline supplies when hitting the road. The helicopter requires refilling every minute. For traffic control use diamond sword.

The Darkest Halls [1.0.0] [Horror]

You investigated the case for several months and finally got a lead that looks very promising. Before that You had lost and suffering over the failure. You could reassure parents of the poor girl. All of this was just awful. Possible, discovery will help You to solve a crime, and You will enhance the reputation and worthy of respect among Your colleagues.

The Darkest Halls 2 [1.0.0] [Horror]

You expect a sequel - the second part of the map called The Darkest of Halls. The only thing You remember is how You captured the creatures ‘X’ and put in the torture room. Now somehow need to find a way out of it. The map includes a lot of frightening sounds that give an eerie atmosphere. The developer tried very hard and hoped that You will be creepy from the adventures on the mysterious premises. Be careful of any angle can crawl scary monsters.

Hardcore Lucky Block [1.0.0]

This addon displays a lucky block to the next level. Chances are You'll experience mixed feelings, finding one of these boxes. Breaking blocks with a surprise, often You will have to pursue failure, and something very unpleasant from the explosions to the appearance of monsters. And in very rare cases You may be lucky. Then You will get the incredible reward that may not even dreamed of. Perhaps lucky block so reimburses all the damage.

Raptor Blue [1.0.0]

Blue VelociRaptor from the movie Jurassic Park and now you can see it in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The lizard can be tamed and kept as his pet. It is much better than the wolf, because the VelociRaptor will not only be able to protect You, you can also ride a horse and to store some items. Reptiles are like horses, only with claws and fangs and they look stunning.

The Transforming Room [1.0.0] [Redstone]

This map is presented over the decision to build the hidden room. Here is a Redstone mechanism. With just one button You can toggle the appearance of the whole space. System management, of course, quite complex, but the developer believes that You should not have any problems with recreating the same design in Your own world. Also added video instructions, which will undoubtedly facilitate the task.

Mine-Cupid [1.0.0] [Map]

This addon will bring to the familiar world of Minecraft Pocket Edition some love. The bat will be replaced with Cupid - the God of pure love and affection. Only the Almighty, whose power lies in his "arrow of love". In the game the shells, getting in the player will regain health. Mancevski mobs, of course, will not love You, but still this is a useful addon that adds an atmosphere of celebration - Valentine's day (14 February).

1.12 Blocks Pack [16x16] [1.0.0]

This texture pack adds all new units that will enter in 1.12 version of Minecraft PC. It is not known when officially such materials will appear in the Pocket Edition, but if You can't wait to try out innovations, rather download and install all represented. Texture data does not replace any vanilla block. This means that You will be able to jump into the future and to use in their creations both new and old materials.

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