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Demon Pets (1.8+ Only) [1.8.0]

Presented Supplement implements five brand new demons to Your familiar world of Minecraft. All of them are friendly to players and can be tamed using carrots, beets or potatoes. Demons, despite their size, very strong. Each of them can fly and has their own unique abilities that allow them to attack opponents. Demons of Fire and Explosions throw monsters of the fiery spheres, the wood demon throws snowballs, the demon of Light, throws bombs of salkera, and the demon of Darkness shoots arrows. To detect these new cute mobs, You can lowland biomes. Download this addon and become the owner of the best companion with whom you can bounce back on a long adventure in the harsh world of Minecraft.

Ores Pets (1.8 Only) [1.7.0]

Ore monsters is a new kind of cave mobs that only appear deep under the bowels of the earth. They come in five colors and look pretty unfriendly, but actually they do not attack you. Just do not anger them, otherwise grab the full. Offering ore monster diamond, with some probability You will be able to tame it! Take your new pet to the next adventure in the harsh world of Minecraft, as him the world would not be so harsh, don't worry, the pet will protect You from all kinds of bloodthirsty creatures.

More Cows (1.8) [1.7.0]

This is the first addon that there will be no one to replace, it instead contrary, will add several new mobs in our ordinary world of Minecraft. Here only to use this resource You will succeed only with version 1.8, since only here it is possible not to sacrifice other creatures to create new ones. Presents add-on introduces 11 cows of different color. All of them except quartz, appear in the same biome as conventional cattle. With each cow gets the object depending on their type. For example, gold cows drop gold ingots, and diamond cow throw diamonds. Quartz cow is the only one that appears in the Lower world, as all the other spawn. This Supplement is great for those who wish to facilitate survival in the harsh reality of Minecraft.

Black Market Villager [1.0.4]

This addon will replace single resident of the village for the offender that will allow You to make purchases on the black market. The fellow with the eye patch is a very good product. Compared to other residents, it has the best offers for survival in the harsh world of Minecraft. As well, in our beloved game there's no police, so You nothing to worry about. Although you'll have to get a lot of emeralds.

Animal Trade [1.0.0]

This addon will be useful to those who are desperately in need of food, but for some reason do not want to kill game animals in Minecraft. Instead of cruel to do this to the animals, the Supplement introduces trading with them. This method is quite loyal and will probably make you think of many players over so that it is necessary always carefully and with care to treat all living beings.

Halo Hud [16x16] [1.0.0]

This pilot unfortunately that adds invoice GUI window to the user. Design taken from the video game Halo and is a display from the helmet of the Master chief. This package can be used in combination with any of the space maps. The screen will give the game an unprecedented atmosphere. The developer learned of a small number of errors that occur on some devices such as iPad 4 mini interface does not fit on the screen. All this will be fixed in the next update.

Dragon Mounts [1.0.0]

Dragon Mounts introduces the game seven dragons. Every reptile must first hatch from eggs, grow to its full size and only then they can ride and use as flying mounts. Dragons not only look epic, but also established themselves as the fastest creatures on which to explore the vast world of Minecraft.

End Wolf [1.0.0]

This addon will make a simple wolf in a new unusual creature - Ender-wolf. Form remained unchanged, and the color scheme changed to black fur and violet eyes. Also, like sulker, wolf Edge will produce the shells of levitation and they attack hostile mobs. Be careful, do not fall under the shot, otherwise a fall can be fatal.

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