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Bedrock 2.0 [1.8.0]

This addon brings to the game 18 new mobs. Among them are new villagers who can now fight, Yes, Yes, residents will now be able to fight back! Then there are the evil monsters and bosses (which have many different modes of fighting and shooting), and the new inhabitants of the ocean, a new version of the skeleton and zombies – a whole lot of all living creatures. Cave crystals, rotating rotating mount of a gun, which is designed in order to help residents of the besieged village, and even add different types of jellyfish, fish, Dolphin, lionfish, rock biter (Hello from video "Killer of goblins"), teleport zombies, eater of ice, and lots of other things. This addition great variety to the world and make good action in the gameplay.

Rocket Launcher [1.5.3]

Rocket Launcher - enters in the familiar world of Minecraft is quite powerful and deadly weapons, namely missile launcher. Using this device, You can cause tremendous harm to the environment of the world of Minecraft, so first of all a hundred times will be sure to play with a gun don't get too close with their expensive buildings, if you don't want them to accidentally destroy! Recipe of rocket launchers is the same as that of the bow. Also the gun You will need arrows that have become the real grenade launchers. The use of the installation is very similar to archery. That's just her shells cause an explosion in the average size and subsequent fires. In the future the developer plans to create even more cool weapons for our favorite game Minecraft.

Jimbo’s Useful Wards [1.1.1]

How to protect your camp from attacks of evil spirits? How to secure your cosy cottage or the area near the mine? With this addon, you can equip yourself a real security system. Iron and snow Golems are replaced with stationary turrets with different functions. To walk they can't, so it will stay where You put them, but the iron spits at enemies with a fireball (and he is immune to fire), and the snow will throw You in the healing snowballs. The enemy will not pass!

TheTerminator [1.1.3]

This addon replaces the Zimogor on the real-life terminator. This is a fairly large robot with an impressive gun in his hands. The mechanical creation has great power and knows no mercy. Players, cows, pigs – anything that moves, is a direct target of the terminator. Believe me, You better not to face the robot in survival mode. One wrong move and You have nothing left.

TF2 Engineer [1.1.1]

Presents addon enters in the familiar world of Minecraft various mechanisms that were once designed by the engineer, Dell Conagher. If You have played Team Fortress 2, you'll understand what is now in question, but if you still have never encountered such a game, do not worry, enjoy the presented Supplement. All new appliances will be very useful in survival mode, as they are created solely for the protection of the territory and character. For example, the turret fires at the approach of a hostile monster, and the dispenser heals all peaceful mobs, including the player.

Simple BattleShip [1.1.0] [Mini game]

Battleship is to You not jokes. And the first thing to fight in the water battle. To we will build in creative mode. The map is multiplayer, and this means that the enemy will need other players. They, too, build myself a ship, equip it with armor and TNT cannons with the latest technology, and then throw a formidable vessel in the battle. After building ships to be completed, they must be placed in a certain place, and then team enter the battle zone. And we will proceed to the meat!

Improved Minecart [1.1.0]

This addon modifies the usual trolley. Now she has a gun, a chest to store small amount of resources and one seat for the player. Use advanced car for their adventures. It will automatically shoot down enemies that get too close, and provides extra slots for things, so You don't have anything to leave due to lack of inventory space.

Rail Turrets [1.0.5]

This addon introduces turrets, which can move on rails and shoot at uninvited hostile mobs with a comfortable position. Such guns are ideal for defense of a certain area. Arrange the train tracks around the base or castle, then secure them to the turret. Further, the weapon itself will get around the territory and shoot the monsters.

Super Wheelchair [1.0.4]

It's not just a wheelchair, it's a super wheelchair! Here are the super fast transport, a built-in machine gun. The gun can automatically detect hostile monsters and being at a convenient distance from the targets, eliminate them if necessary. This is a great vehicle for those who want to drive faster than a horse. Also the wheelchair is equipped with additional equipment.

Protective Turrets [1.0.4]

This addon replaces salkera four turrets, each of which has its unique weapons. Turret - a small unit, which is mounted to the firearm, producing a powerful explosive shells. Tower equipped with 360-degree visibility, this means that the gun can turn in any direction and attack hostile mobs. If the turret detects enemy, it will immediately try to eliminate the target. With the addition Your house will be protected like never before.

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