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Rocket Launcher [1.5.3]

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher - enters in the familiar world of Minecraft is quite powerful and deadly weapons, namely missile launcher. Using this device, You can cause tremendous harm to the environment of the world of Minecraft, so first of all a hundred times will be sure to play with a gun don't get too close with their expensive buildings, if you don't want them to accidentally destroy! Recipe of rocket launchers is the same as that of the bow. Also the gun You will need arrows that have become the real grenade launchers. The use of the installation is very similar to archery. That's just her shells cause an explosion in the average size and subsequent fires. In the future the developer plans to create even more cool weapons for our favorite game Minecraft.

Download rocket-launcher-v1.mcaddon [3,11 Mb] downloaded: 622 times
Download last version of Rocket Launcher from the official website

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How to install scripts in Minecraft PE

Currently there is only one common way of installing mods is to install mods using the BlockLauncher. And let's just mention. Mods for BlockLauncher go only with the extension *.js or *.modpkg, so if you have downloaded the archive *.zip or *.rar you must first decompress and see what is inside. If the inside is *.js file will be folders with names like texture or behavior this addon and you need to read installation guide Addons

If your file has the extension *.mcworld or *.mcpack, also read the manual -> How to put Addons in MCPE

How to install mod with the extension *.js or *.modpkg in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

  1. Install Block Launcher
  2. Launch the game using Block Launcher
  3. Click on the icon of a key appears next to MINECRAFT
  4. In the popup menu, select ModPE Script or Import script
  5. Press + and specify the path to our script. You can select a file from your device's memory, or to copy the URL of the js file from the download page fashion

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