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TheTerminator [1.1.3]

This addon replaces the Zimogor on the real-life terminator. This is a fairly large robot with an impressive gun in his hands. The mechanical creation has great power and knows no mercy. Players, cows, pigs – anything that moves, is a direct target of the terminator. Believe me, You better not to face the robot in survival mode. One wrong move and You have nothing left.

Colorful Mutant Wolves [1.1.3]

This is the first addon that allows you to paint Your pet wolf in any color. The idea is great, but that addition never ceases to amaze. Also the resource makes our Pets in these mutants. The wolf will be big, strong and bold, it will be possible to ride a horse. Agree that in a dangerous world of Minecraft always needs a reliable ally on whom you can rely on in any moment.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Version Minecraft PE came 26.06.2017 in which, in addition to bugfixes, there are some interesting changes. First added new blocks: red brick of the lower world, the infernal unit growth, bone and magma blocks. Most likely with the bone blocks are added the formation of ancient dinosaur fossils under the ground, but this is not accurate. That's all for now.

minecraft-pocketedition_1.1.3.1.apk - the official version
minecraft-pocketedition_1.1.3.1_mod_v1.apk - unlocked all paid skins and textures
minecraft-pocketedition_1.1.3.1_x86.apk - the version for intel

Modern Tools [1.1.3]

This addon introduces to the usual Minecraft world 6 modern of things. They replace stalkerov. Such as a cool computer on which You will be able to buy something for yourself using the search engine MineBay. On the stove the food is cooked faster than in a conventional oven. Also the Supplement allows you to enjoy beautiful furniture that will make Your room much more cozy and comfortable.

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Chocobos [1.1.3]

Chocobo is a fictional animal from the game series "Final Fantasy". This giant bird, which is very similar to a chicken or ostrich. You can tame these birds and used for riding. They are very fast and they can not take damage from falling. And let's not forget that Chocobo look very cute and exists in seven different colors!

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