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Motorcycle [1.8.0]

Presents addition implements a completely new kind of vehicle in our favorite game - motorcycle. It can sit a driver and one passenger, which is a very useful feature. Find the bike will be in different places of the vast world of Minecraft, it also can be created using the spawn eggs. This vehicle will be a great help in your adventures in the far distance. And if in survival mode You and Your friend will stay with one bike far from home, You will not have to leave a friend in trouble and go alone. In order for Your vehicle moved, its need to constantly refuel, that is, we should always keep in inventory the coal reserves.

Jimbo’s Totem Addon [1.7.0]

Totems have always had a great importance among primitive people. The people worshiped sacred animals or plants, their image carved on a tree and thought that all that protects and brings good luck. Presents addon introduces two totems, which, indeed, will be of great help in a mysterious and harsh world of Minecraft. Like turrets, some will be defending the player, attacking each approaching monster, and the other to heal. Totems depicted on the faces of some unseen creatures similar to the creeper. We definitely don't know something about the mysterious past of our favourite game!

Jimbo’s Useful Wards [1.1.1]

How to protect your camp from attacks of evil spirits? How to secure your cosy cottage or the area near the mine? With this addon, you can equip yourself a real security system. Iron and snow Golems are replaced with stationary turrets with different functions. To walk they can't, so it will stay where You put them, but the iron spits at enemies with a fireball (and he is immune to fire), and the snow will throw You in the healing snowballs. The enemy will not pass!

Jimbo’s Aether [1.1.0]

Presented Supplement will replace the usual impenetrable Region on an exciting new Heavenly dimension. Here You will face with Essential strangers, and, of course, Essential Dragon. All of these mobs look like divine and sacred beings, but don't be fooled. They are extremely dangerous and should be approached with extreme caution. Be sure to try out this addon, if you want to experience something new in their favorite game.

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Jimbo’s Christmas Weapons [1.8.0]

This addon replaces a few simple tools in Minecraft Pocket Edition weapon Christmas themes. Three of the four guns have a large area of influence, leaving in place a protracted malicious effects of this potion, namely 20 seconds. It's a wonderful thing, because You can deal damage to multiple hostile monsters.

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Doberman Dog [1.0.0]

This Supplement changes the usual wolf in the Doberman, which is a medium-large breed domestic dog. In the world of minecraft pet will be a little more wolf. Doberman is power, so is ideal as a guard dog. He will become your faithful friend in the difficult games adventures.

Thunder Egg v.1.0.0 [1.0.0]

This addon turns an ordinary egg into a destructive weapon that you can summon a countless number of sparkling lightning. Throw a few eggs and immediately from heaven to earth will hit bright and lethal rays! This ability will serve You well in battle against a large group of hostile mobs. If You like to create chaos (preferably in his own world), then this Supplement is for You!

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