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Magician Supreme Boss [1.0.4]

This addon will make the swamp biome is much more dangerous for walking, because here you can stumble on Archmage, which is a pretty strong boss. Though the wizard and similar to Santa Claus, You don't want to approach him without good equipment and weapons. In a battle with a mage calculate every move, because the old man in store many surprises. If You get too close to the boss, it will shrink and try to escape.

XRAY Resource Pack [16x16] [1.0.4]

This resource will grant You x-ray vision and allows you to see through walls like Superman. You'll not be able to detect enemies such as zombies and spiders. In comparison with other X-Ray packages provided by the resource is only created for search mobs. The benefit is that You will be able to travel in the familiar world of Minecraft as before, but will always be on guard, because you will be able to anticipate the danger, watching for lurking or looming monsters through thick walls

VerseCrafter: The Fire of Determination [1.0.4] [Adventure]

The Fire of Determination - the second part of the map from the VerseCrafter. All Your memories were lost and You will have to delve into his own mind to unlock thoughts and finally regain his memory. It is, indeed, an exciting adventure that combines everything from puzzles to parkour. The map is best installed version, because it includes special accompanying sounds, which make the game more atmospheric.

Mob Factions [1.0.4]

By installing this addon, every mob will find their enemies and allies. For example, a creeper will be good to the players, and the witch will cure almost all the monsters, but will immediately begin to attack the spiders and other enemies. All beings, like fractionation, marked with a certain color or sign.  In their world of Minecraft will not be in peace as before, wherever You went, especially in nighttime, everywhere is raging battles. It all looks like war, and here You will be able to rely on Your green companion.

Secret Base Resource Pack [16x16] [1.0.4]

This texture pack provides the best resources for the construction of secret bases. For example, the disguised blocks that are impossible to distinguish from the rest, and invisible materials. Now create a secret hiding-place will come to a new level. It all makes sense only if the global use of resource, namely, creating a server that will implement this package as the main texture pack.

Minigames Central [1.0.4] [Mini game]

Minigames Central has a large map, designed to play with friends in multiplayer mode. It includes seven different mini-games. For example, archery, epic fall, escape from the wolves, siege craft and more. You will definitely find here something interesting for yourself. It's a good map, where you can spend your time.

Tiny Pixels [16x16] [1.0.4]

Tiny Pixels is a simple and at the same time cute resurspak made in cartoon style. It may seem that the texture resolution is only 8x8, but, really, it's 16x16. The package is really well thought out, it is designed in a certain design, and has perfectly matched the color scheme. Overall, the texture is quite beautiful and fun, they are suitable for many types of buildings. You will also be able to raise the mood is very cute mobs, their appearance will make everyone smile.

Mine-Wagon [1.0.4]

Mine-Wagon a great addition that will please those who really need additional equipment to store extracted resources. Going to a long adventure, take on the reason a chest located on the cart. The only innovation replaces the creeper. But You will bring home a lot of resources and will happily plan the next adventure.

Entity 303 [1.0.4]

Entity 303 - if that someone was told in the community of Minecraft in order to try to scare other players. People have described being similar to Herobrine, so users claim that the one who spread the rumor is a fired employee of Mojang who just wants to take revenge on the fans of Minecraft. All this is obviously just a fictional story and, in fact, no mysterious mob in the game does not exist. Presents addon will embody the story in reality and impose deterrent Entity 303 in the familiar world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. The monster is quite strong, so You have to be a good weapon to grapple.

Sheeptastic! [1.0.4]

Sheeptastic crazy fantastic addon, modifying sheep. Now livestock will boast not only for its wool, and combat abilities, which, indeed, staggering. Some sheep are just for riding, they are helpless and will not be attacking anyone. Others can be tamed as a pet, and even a defender of such lambs will be safe to engage in battle with hostile mobs. Also be sure to try your luck and call a huge Black sheep, who is the boss. She attacks everything he sees, spewing fireballs, so be careful.

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