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Shulker Colors [16x16] [1.1.0]

As You know, the latest beta version of Minecraft change the color scheme of stalkerov. Maybe someone of You will be opposed to this innovation, as the old colour may seem much better. Therefore, the designer has created a special set of all the textures of salkera that existed in later versions.

Redstone Realms (Protect Your Server!) [1.1.0] [Redstone]

On this map there are 9 various mechanisms, which will be very useful for those who want to use ingenious ways to protect their servers from hackers. All of the mentioned ideas are functioning with the help of command blocks. Anti-grief, prohibited items and just shop are pretty cool inventions that you can explore and implement in their own world. The map, of course, is designed to help players set up their server and want to install them in order and equality.

Secret Base Resource Pack [16x16] [1.0.4]

This texture pack provides the best resources for the construction of secret bases. For example, the disguised blocks that are impossible to distinguish from the rest, and invisible materials. Now create a secret hiding-place will come to a new level. It all makes sense only if the global use of resource, namely, creating a server that will implement this package as the main texture pack.

No Potion Particles [16x16] [1.0.0]

This unfortunately removes any potion aura around the player or mob. Surely You've ever wanted to get rid of these hateful floating particles. Especially when you use potion of invisibility, when the other player only animations can determine Your location. With the presented package of fun will not be spoiled.

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