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Entity 303 [1.0.4]

Entity 303

Entity 303 - if that someone was told in the community of Minecraft in order to try to scare other players. People have described being similar to Herobrine, so users claim that the one who spread the rumor is a fired employee of Mojang who just wants to take revenge on the fans of Minecraft. All this is obviously just a fictional story and, in fact, no mysterious mob in the game does not exist. Presents addon will embody the story in reality and impose deterrent Entity 303 in the familiar world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. The monster is quite strong, so You have to be a good weapon to grapple.

Download entity-303-behavior-2.mcpack [2,55 Kb] downloaded: 1247 times
Download entity-303-resource-2.mcpack [9,72 Kb] downloaded: 1100 times
Download last version of Entity 303 from the official website

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Entity303 (v1.12+ Only) [1.13.0]

He came back again to destroy your world in Minecraft! With this Supplement you will face a new powerful boss Entity303.
Entity 303 is a custom entity (not replace vanilla mobs/entities in the game) - Added health bar with his name on the screen. He has a variety of attacks during battle.
Features of attacks:
-Shoots fireballs
-Shoots large fireballs with the animation of the rain
-Sulker Shoots bullets
-Summons 3 skeletons at the same time
-Throws a TNT

Now Entity303 to call survival mode, using a Star Bottom world! (You can obtain after killing Wieser Boss!). How to install the addon shown in the screenshots

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