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Japanese Garden Arena [1.0.4] [PVP]

Japanese Garden Arena is an amazing place to battle with your friends to find out who is the best Pvp fighter. Arena implies a battle 1 on 1, but you can create a match between two teams. The design of the entire creation is based on Asian architecture. The developer with the nickname Luma first to use this style to create a Pvp arena. Overall, it came out very nice. Perhaps the map will appeal to fans of Japanese culture.

Minecraft Trivia [1.0.4] [Mini game]

How much do You really know about Minecraft? For example, what is the original name of our favorite game? Or in which version did such a wonderful thing as Redstone? Let's see if You are a real Microptera or not? In the map You will find a few levels that include various questions on the game Minecraft. You can also pass a puzzle based on the Redstone mechanism, and a small parkour.

My Brain Hurts [1.0.4] [Logical]

This map includes 7 puzzles of medium difficulty level. In each room You will face a logical problem which must be solved in order to move forward. Sometimes You may need certain blocks or items. This map is suitable for those who have just begun to get involved in games that develop logical thinking.

Mine-Submarine [1.0.4]

This is the first controlled transport in Minecraft Pocket Edition where you can move under and over water. Yes, it's a submarine! You will control the submarine, but there is one drawback - it is bad maneuvering. Provided that the creation of any add-ons includes a lot of restrictions, this creature is quite impressive. Get a lot of pleasure exploring the infinite ocean.

Sports Car: Ford Mustang [1.0.4]

This addon introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft is a real Ford Mustang. This is a car with an impeccable design, which can not only ride through the vast expanses, but also to participate in the race for the super cups. He also has a good Luggage compartment for Your belongings. Transport presents one of the best in the universe of Minecraft Pocket Edition. If You like the crazy speed, combined with style, then this game created specifically for You.

Sky Survival Islands [1.0.4] [Survival]

On this map You will find yourself all alone on a tiny sky island with a small number of resources. Use all the survival skills to survive as long as possible. To succeed, You will have to visit the other floating Islands that are located near You. You can find more resources for further development. This map is very useful for those who wants to test his endurance and ability to survive in any conditions.

The Alpine Mansion [1.0.4] [Creative]

The presented house was built by utubecom Dan Lag on the Xbox. Now this map ported to Minecraft Pocket Edition and we have the opportunity to attend this great creation on their handheld devices. The idea of construction is based on a real mansion, with the name "The Stone Mansion". Two years ago it was sold for $ 49 million, making it the most expensive house in new Jersey, USA.

Jukebox [1.0.4]

Jukebox essential in the PC version of Minecraft. Its main task is to play music discs, which can be found in the treasures or killing a creeper with a skeleton. Presents addon replaces some items in the usual Minecraft Pocket Edition on the music player and the discs. You can listen to 12 different melodies that exist in the PC version of Minecraft. Addition works surprisingly well, it gives an accurate representation of the player. Now it only remains to wait for the Jukebox will officially introduce your favorite game.

ElytraElite: Carnival [1.0.4] [Elytra]

This map litroe in the spirit of the Brazilian carnival. You feel the approaching holiday? Then join Jolly in the beloved world of Minecraft and be sure to call your friends. Here You will find a four levels with different obstacles that make the passage exciting and quite interesting.

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