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Mob Factions [1.0.4]

Mob Factions

By installing this addon, every mob will find their enemies and allies. For example, a creeper will be good to the players, and the witch will cure almost all the monsters, but will immediately begin to attack the spiders and other enemies. All beings, like fractionation, marked with a certain color or sign.  In their world of Minecraft will not be in peace as before, wherever You went, especially in nighttime, everywhere is raging battles. It all looks like war, and here You will be able to rely on Your green companion.

Download mob-factions-0.9.mcpack [364,91 Kb] downloaded: 72 times
Download mob-factions-0.9-resource-pack.mcpack [1,17 Mb] downloaded: 56 times
Download last version of Mob Factions from the official website

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