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Adventure++ [1.0.5] [Mini game]

Here is a good map that includes many different mini-games. Most of them require at least two participants, therefore, the author advises to set the world in multiplayer mode. You will find more than 20 mini-games for every taste, from Pvp battles in the arena to water racing boats. With this card You will have a great time and You're left with a vivid impression.

Bows and Arrows Challenge [1.0.5] [Mini game]

Here You will have to show all their skills of archery. This map includes 10 different levels of medium difficulty. If You manage to pass them all, then at the end You will be a surprise. Read more about the campaign You can learn personally from the Creator. The link to his page below. We wish you much success!

Frosty Spleef [1.0.5] [Mini game]

Split - multiplayer mini-game where each participant tries to knock down the enemy from the platform by destroying the blocks beneath your feet. You will become a winner only when you will remain only in the arena. Frosty Spleef accommodates more than five players, as there are quite a large building, which includes five platforms located under each other. Also, the game you can easily start again using the command block.

15 Seconds PixelArt [1.0.5] [Mini game]

15 Seconds PixelArt - logic mini-game that will force you to exercise your memory and attention. She will love all those who love puzzles and construction. You'll find three levels where you can independently change the blocks to your liking. The entire mechanism is automated with Redstone and command blocks, so to play You will only be able to version 1.0.5 and above.

The Minigames [1.0.5] [Mini game]

The command block is gaining popularity. This time You have the opportunity to experience several different mini-games that work thanks to this amazing new subject. Here You will find the air track with letroy, three different levels of parkour, and much more. This map shows in practice the possibility of the command unit. And while creation is in progress, you may encounter some errors. In a future update they will be fixed, and the Creator will try to have more interesting mini-games.

Minigames Central [1.0.4] [Mini game]

Minigames Central has a large map, designed to play with friends in multiplayer mode. It includes seven different mini-games. For example, archery, epic fall, escape from the wolves, siege craft and more. You will definitely find here something interesting for yourself. It's a good map, where you can spend your time.

Minecraft Trivia [1.0.4] [Mini game]

How much do You really know about Minecraft? For example, what is the original name of our favorite game? Or in which version did such a wonderful thing as Redstone? Let's see if You are a real Microptera or not? In the map You will find a few levels that include various questions on the game Minecraft. You can also pass a puzzle based on the Redstone mechanism, and a small parkour.

My Brain Hurts [1.0.4] [Logical]

This map includes 7 puzzles of medium difficulty level. In each room You will face a logical problem which must be solved in order to move forward. Sometimes You may need certain blocks or items. This map is suitable for those who have just begun to get involved in games that develop logical thinking.

Mega Dropper 4 [1.0.0] [Dropper]

Mega Dropper part 4! This is one of the large maps with epic drops, which were ever created for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Here You will find a total of 21 incredible level. The goal is very simple - it is necessary to jump from the ledge and, having overcome all obstacles, find yourself at the bottom unharmed. It is quite difficult, typically requires many attempts before you succeed. Show all your attention and swift reaction.

Mega Dropper Easter [1.0.0] [Dropper]

Mega Dropper Easter - 7th part of the series of maps on epic drops with obstacles. This time You will encounter 8 different levels that will lead to the Easter Bunny. It is kept in captivity, and You have to save him. The tunnels are fascinating and the rapid fall down the concentration. The passage should not be so complicated as in the previous parts, so maybe this map is perfect for beginners drapera in Minecraft.

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