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Minecraft Trivia 2 [1.0.4] [Mini game]

Test Your knowledge on the game Minecraft. The map includes a lot of questions that need to answer correctly before moving on. The wrong one will lead to a horrible death, so be careful and careful while choosing the answer. Most questions can be solved only by an mincraft. If You liked the map, be sure to try to go to the previous part of "Minecraft Trivia".

Minecraft Trivia [1.0.4] [Mini game]

How much do You really know about Minecraft? For example, what is the original name of our favorite game? Or in which version did such a wonderful thing as Redstone? Let's see if You are a real Microptera or not? In the map You will find a few levels that include various questions on the game Minecraft. You can also pass a puzzle based on the Redstone mechanism, and a small parkour.

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