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Project Spectron [1.6.0] [Adventure]

Spectron Project is crazy very full adventure map. She will plunge You head in a cybernetic atmosphere. There are many interesting places for research. The map does not provide any plot or story, but includes a few extra missions. The player is given complete freedom for the development of the surrounding space and survival in Santpoort. You have to battle with the crazy cybernetic monsters. Against them You will have the opportunity to experience different types of weapons, such as a sphere or a sword. Also the map has several levels of parkour for their passage as a reward You will assign cool gold chips and tokens. And yet You manage to use a pair of wings to explore the rest of this exciting online world. You will find just a phenomenal card! It includes the texture pack and custom sounds. Soon download and you will not regret!

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 15-10-2018, 22:11

Kaizo World PE [1.0.0] [Parkour]

Kaizo World PE is a funny map that includes a large number of jumps with obstacles, namely parkour, also there are puzzles and treacherous traps. This creature is created based Kaizo Mario World, which is a modification of the video game Super Mario World version of 1990. The idea of this add-on was founded in order to complicate the passing game. This map has a large number of various obstacles, challenges and maybe the rage will prevail, and You will want to quit. If You consider yourself a professional in parkour, be sure to try out the map.

Mega Dropper Easter [1.0.0] [Dropper]

Mega Dropper Easter - 7th part of the series of maps on epic drops with obstacles. This time You will encounter 8 different levels that will lead to the Easter Bunny. It is kept in captivity, and You have to save him. The tunnels are fascinating and the rapid fall down the concentration. The passage should not be so complicated as in the previous parts, so maybe this map is perfect for beginners drapera in Minecraft.

MC-PE 2020