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SG Package Hunt 1 [1.8.0] [Logical]

Look for more multiplayer games? But tired of all sorts of Pvp battles? Then this classic mini-game from SkyGames made especially for You! Here You don't have fighting with fists and swords. This will require all Your attention. On the arena of ten hidden packages with who knows what inside. The first participant who finds all postal packages in the equipped territory, will be the winner. Call your friends and compete together. For a single training run the game in individual mode and sharpen your skills. Your opponents have no chance to win!

SG Climber’s Horror [1.8.0] [PVP]

A good Halloween? It's time to invite friends and to let off steam on this the coolest map. Introducing the TURRET-SPIVACHENKO! Turn your opponent, kick him down and reach the top of this tall building. Don't forget he is not falling down, and in fact, friends are friends. It is worth noting that the map itself looks very nice – in the spirit of the first Halfa, and swims around the vast space of the OS...

Hello Neighbor In Minecraft [1.7.0] [Horror]

"Hey, neighbor," is a popular computer game in the horror genre, developed by tinyBuild. The main goal is to try to penetrate Your neighbor's house and search him. On this map the author has tried to implement this game in our usual world of Minecraft and came out pretty cool. So, in the story, You hear screaming coming from Your neighbor's homes. You feel uneasy, but You have a burning desire to know what is still happening. On entering the house, You begin your investigation and careful study. Look for various objects and solve puzzles to open the passage to the basement. Just don't fall into the trap! Get ready to plunge into the atmosphere of horror, adventure and mystery.

Untenable 2 [1.5.3] [Map]

An untenable means "Illogical", - map, where nothing makes sense. There are ten levels in which the goal can be anything from the search buttons to do the most obvious things. The map is made to distract you from your main goal. Can you complete all ten levels? This card was created for versions 1.5 and above (not tested in beta releases).
-Play in adventure mode
-only Use hints when you get stuck
-You can't skip levels
-do Not use /spawnpoint
-Rotation of the clouds
-Keep your distance rendering to low to avoid lag
Is not intended for multiplayer games
-Start the card - a mystery. 

Find The Button: Redstone Edition v.1.0 [1.2.6] [Map]

This map consists of 14 different levels, each based on a specific block or element, and is connected with Redstone. Although uruni quite small but some are quite complex. If you're stuck on a level, there is a book of tips that you can read to get some tips and additional information to the passage. It works for both single-player and multiplayer games. How to play? At each level there is a button, and your goal is to find her. This is necessary to access the next level. Rules: do Not break blocks, unless otherwise specified, the gamemode: survival difficulty: peaceful

DelisoJan’s Island Tycoon [1.1.0] [Survival]

If you get on a nice deserted island in the ocean, then with high probability You will become a Robinson Crusoe. Here is what happened. So – what do we have? We have the task to stretch the mind, to solve a few logical questions and gather resources that will allow you to do from the rugged and bare rocks attractive island, which even Peter blood prefer the Barbados government.

MurderEscape [1.1.0] [Horror]

MurderEscape is a multiplayer horror game. Requires at least two players, but it's better if there will be more. One of the players will be selected hunters, and the rest will be fleeing targets. The role can be selected independently, and you can trust the occasion and include a random choice. The objective of fugitive is to run to the pressure plate. The matter is complicated by the fact that the victim inflicts blindness. Task killer, armed with a sword, to chase and... You know. And Yes the ability to win!

Find The Button [1.1.0] [Mini game]

Game "find the button" - what could be easier? However, looking for this button, you will still have to run. The game features 10 levels, each of which is designed to fame. One, for example, is in the lakeside cottage, the other near the beach and so on. Find a button, push it and be transported via teleport to the next level. It is important to remember that destroying blocks is not necessary. Good luck!

Lava Escape 2 [1.1.0] [Parkour]

Lava Escape 2 is parkour, entertaining mini-game, which is the most suitable time for beginners jumping. The main task of each level – to reach quickly the end of the track, overcoming all difficulties on the way. If You can do it successfully, you can go to the next stage. However, if you are too long, then You will be overtaken by molten lava!
don't get killed, become faster than the Flash!

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Redstone Friends 2 [1.1.0] [Logical]

Redstone Friends 2 – a good map for two or four players. We split into two teams and compete by completing challenges based on electrical circuits and elements of parkour. To advance to the next level, but only 10 of them, need to open the door and be able to get out. These puzzles will make you string up the brains, and even the time is limited! 

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