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Simple BattleShip [1.1.0] [Mini game]

Battleship is to You not jokes. And the first thing to fight in the water battle. To we will build in creative mode. The map is multiplayer, and this means that the enemy will need other players. They, too, build myself a ship, equip it with armor and TNT cannons with the latest technology, and then throw a formidable vessel in the battle. After building ships to be completed, they must be placed in a certain place, and then team enter the battle zone. And we will proceed to the meat!

Mob Arena Battles 1: Revamped Edition [1.1.0] [Mini game]

New optimized PVE map where You can fight monsters alone or in the company of five friends! If You like serious batch, this location is exactly what You need. Several combat classes (and for each unique set of objects): 
the swordsman 
- arrows 
- support 
- water mage 
- the wizard 
But first read the instructions while standing in the lobby. Next – choose a class warrior, also choose the level of difficulty and press "start". waves of monsters will appear after a certain period of time, so you need to have time to cut down the previous wave before the next appears. And who said it would be easy? 

Redstone Friends [1.1.0] [Logical]

This card is designed for two players. Cooperation is the key to success. You and a friend have to go through ten levels, equipped with electric mechanisms. nerve, ingenuity, teamwork spirit, that's what's required. We open the door for his friend, and he opens the door for us. Appear on the launch pad, read the instructions and forward, good luck!

Troll Test 2: Terracotta Trolling [1.1.0] [Logical]

To be a victim of a Troll will agree, not very nice. In this case, the Creator doesn't want to offer You something disturbing or offensive. Here are quite interesting and funny card game. Obvious and seemingly logical solution with high probability will be incorrect. This map can easily mislead You, so it's so fun to play. Get ready for hard trolling.

Water Drop Challenge [1.1.0] [Dropper]

On this map You have to pass two different tests. Place one of possible choice of subjects: block of mucus or a bucket of water so that You can safely land on the ground. There are controls to change the difficulty of the game. For example, you can change the height at a much more dizzying.

TNT Run [1.1.0] [Mini game]

Actually, this map does not include a single TNT block, but the rules remain the same as in the popular mini-game. Under Your feet will begin to disappear blocks and need all the strength to stay on the platform, running, jumping, and izvorachivayas from all sorts of holes. The map is better to install in multiplayer mode and compete with your friends.

Brain Games [1.1.0] [Logical]

This map includes several different puzzles that require a solution. In each level You will be faced with a certain task. The game does not have any instructions or tips, which makes the passage quite difficult. Quests have different contents. There are issues with Redstone circuits, and even game hens.

Murder Mystery Village [1.0.5] [Mini game]

This mini-game requires a minimum of three participants. The map is the village with plenty of hiding places. Here, You will be assigned random roles with different objectives. One will become a bloodthirsty killer, the second Sheriff crime fighter, and the third is the civilians who must survive in this dangerous place.

Find The Freaken Button [1.0.5] [Mini game]

This map contains 9 interesting levels, which include various decorations. Your task is to provided You the environment to find the button that redirects to the next stage. It is definitely a challenging game that requires great attention to detail and patience of steel. The advantage (or disadvantage if You're a fan of more complicated problems) is that there are no time limits.

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