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Jimbo’s Totem Addon [1.7.0]

Totems have always had a great importance among primitive people. The people worshiped sacred animals or plants, their image carved on a tree and thought that all that protects and brings good luck. Presents addon introduces two totems, which, indeed, will be of great help in a mysterious and harsh world of Minecraft. Like turrets, some will be defending the player, attacking each approaching monster, and the other to heal. Totems depicted on the faces of some unseen creatures similar to the creeper. We definitely don't know something about the mysterious past of our favourite game!

Halloween Burn It Map: Things Are Not Always, What They Seem [1.8.0] [Mini game]

Here is a map that really gives us a sense of Halloween wasta in our beloved game Minecraft. Just select a set of armor early in the game, and then try to survive in the arena surrounded by martial statues, designed in thematic style. Play together with your friends in multiplayer mode or alone. Not cheats, read all the advice contained in chalker-boxes. Teleport to each platform, or use the stairs. To climb go to the edge of each platform up until You reach the barrier. There are even invisible mazes. Gameplay will take 15 to 20 minutes. With each stage the level of difficulty increases.

Portal Cores [1.8.0]

This addon will introduce unmatched spherical nucleus of the famous game "Portal" and "Portal 2", which will dilute our ordinary life in the world of Minecraft. The idea of the spheres came to the developer to mind after meeting directly with the game "Portal" and watching videos on YouTube. All the online adds ten cores, each of which has its own function. They are created in order to have something to give, instead of receiving the desired.  will soon be introduced to even more new areas, as Glad0s is already at work on an update. Also the Supplement includes the threat of turrets. If You happen to encounter them in the wild, but still is on their radar in survival mode, then, believe me, You will not last long!

Jimbo’s Useful Wards [1.1.1]

How to protect your camp from attacks of evil spirits? How to secure your cosy cottage or the area near the mine? With this addon, you can equip yourself a real security system. Iron and snow Golems are replaced with stationary turrets with different functions. To walk they can't, so it will stay where You put them, but the iron spits at enemies with a fireball (and he is immune to fire), and the snow will throw You in the healing snowballs. The enemy will not pass!

TF2 Engineer [1.1.1]

Presents addon enters in the familiar world of Minecraft various mechanisms that were once designed by the engineer, Dell Conagher. If You have played Team Fortress 2, you'll understand what is now in question, but if you still have never encountered such a game, do not worry, enjoy the presented Supplement. All new appliances will be very useful in survival mode, as they are created solely for the protection of the territory and character. For example, the turret fires at the approach of a hostile monster, and the dispenser heals all peaceful mobs, including the player.

Rail Turrets [1.0.5]

This addon introduces turrets, which can move on rails and shoot at uninvited hostile mobs with a comfortable position. Such guns are ideal for defense of a certain area. Arrange the train tracks around the base or castle, then secure them to the turret. Further, the weapon itself will get around the territory and shoot the monsters.

Protective Turrets [1.0.4]

This addon replaces salkera four turrets, each of which has its unique weapons. Turret - a small unit, which is mounted to the firearm, producing a powerful explosive shells. Tower equipped with 360-degree visibility, this means that the gun can turn in any direction and attack hostile mobs. If the turret detects enemy, it will immediately try to eliminate the target. With the addition Your house will be protected like never before.

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Wither Turrets [1.0.0]

Wither Turrets brings into play three different turrets. They can be used to improve the security of Your fortress. Using spawn eggs, place combat towers in different places of the base. If the turret detects any hostile mob, it will start to shoot at him, the heads of ischitella. 

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