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Halloween Burn It Map: Things Are Not Always, What They Seem [1.8.0] [Mini game]

Here is a map that really gives us a sense of Halloween wasta in our beloved game Minecraft. Just select a set of armor early in the game, and then try to survive in the arena surrounded by martial statues, designed in thematic style. Play together with your friends in multiplayer mode or alone. Not cheats, read all the advice contained in chalker-boxes. Teleport to each platform, or use the stairs. To climb go to the edge of each platform up until You reach the barrier. There are even invisible mazes. Gameplay will take 15 to 20 minutes. With each stage the level of difficulty increases.

Find the Button (Christmas Edition) [1.2.5] [Mini game]

This is a mini-quest called Find the button. It was created so that you could pass in a day only one level. Just a mini-game 12 levels. If you wanachate passage now, you will finish it by the New year. In addition to mini-games, players can also explore the village of Santa Claus. The rules of the game: survival mode, difficulty: peaceful brightness of 60-70%, are allowed to break iron blocks

Epic Cliffs [1.1.0] [Creative]

Epic Cliffs - one of the best mountain bases You will find for Minecraft Pocket Edition. When creating the building used a unique rocks generated in the game world. Base includes a large number of tunnels, which connect the many rooms. You don't have to go out in which case, all movement can be done inside the building. With the help of Redstone mechanisms, it is possible to improve security. Before doing this make sure that all hostile monsters are on the outside.

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UKS City [1.8.0] [Creative]

UKS City - a city built in a flat world. It includes a large variety of modern houses and many different designs. At one end of the city is a farm with a barn, stables and the like. The UKS entire population of the City consists of inhabitants and iron Golems, which makes the city vibrant and realistic, not empty and dead like the other maps with similar themes. Having examined the submitted city, you can find the idea for creating of a house or other structure.

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