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Console Edition World for Bedrock Edition [1.7.0] [Creative]

Almost every game has a training that tells about the features and particularities of the gameplay. You can not say about Minecraft. Here You designed yourself while not getting in all sorts of online resources to understand how and what to do. Once in the pocket version of Minecraft was a world where he was able to understand the essence of the game. Now You have the opportunity to get acquainted with this map. When You enter through the passage on the right will be a chest that holds the map to display the whole world. Since the map ported from the PC version of Minecraft, some functions may not work properly. In any case, the world is presented, is a great find for a beginner to adapt a little in this wonderful game.

My Medieval Village [1.8.0] [Creative]

Explore the unforgettable countryside in the medieval style. Within this small settlement is a wonderful castle. Each structure is made very cool and detailed, so make sure to run the map in survival mode and start your new adventure right now. Presents the custom world includes various mines, many interesting buildings and gorgeous views. The interior is present in all areas. Become the king of this small village and protect residents from the dangers lurking on the other side of the wall.

Pillager Outpost Map Concept (BETA) [1.9.0] [User map]

Minecraft is not in place. And recently published photos of the future Outpost, which belongs to the robbers. The author of this custom world was not too lazy and have built similar structures on the map, so You can plunge into the future and explore new items first. Here You will see the main tower with many floors and some resources. Around this high buildings are tents, inside which are hidden pumpkins, and also is a cage with a prisoner in it, the iron Golem. Download this map and see all the novelties awaiting us in the near future.

The Tower: Parkour [1.8.0] [Parkour]

Tower - a unique map with parkour, in which there is mode time limit. This innovation challenges players and forces them to think twice and to demonstrate excellent response. So relax here You will not work. This map includes 18 exciting levels, which are also the floors of the tower. The game starts with easier stages, and ends with the most complex. You will find amazing test: glass parkour, parkour with pistons pushed, or a fiery hell parkour and invisible parkour and much more. Playing the cards You are given 25 points of life. Overcoming every 3 floors, You will be able to receive three more lives. If Your health bar reaches zero, You lose and start all over again. But if you complete all 18 levels - will be the winner! In custom mode unlimited health. You will immediately be awarded 999 points of life and then just not have to worry about anything, except about the runaway time. Stay tuned because there are even more interesting.

Halloween Burn It Map: Things Are Not Always, What They Seem [1.8.0] [Mini game]

Here is a map that really gives us a sense of Halloween wasta in our beloved game Minecraft. Just select a set of armor early in the game, and then try to survive in the arena surrounded by martial statues, designed in thematic style. Play together with your friends in multiplayer mode or alone. Not cheats, read all the advice contained in chalker-boxes. Teleport to each platform, or use the stairs. To climb go to the edge of each platform up until You reach the barrier. There are even invisible mazes. Gameplay will take 15 to 20 minutes. With each stage the level of difficulty increases.

SG Climber’s Horror [1.8.0] [PVP]

A good Halloween? It's time to invite friends and to let off steam on this the coolest map. Introducing the TURRET-SPIVACHENKO! Turn your opponent, kick him down and reach the top of this tall building. Don't forget he is not falling down, and in fact, friends are friends. It is worth noting that the map itself looks very nice – in the spirit of the first Halfa, and swims around the vast space of the OS...

The Wandering Woods [1.8.0] [CTM]

Wandering the woods is hand-created terrain, which in total is as much as two billion unit. Here is an unusual trees, rocks, buildings, dungeons, and more. It was realized in the pocket version of Minecraft using the program "Open Terrain Generator" and the one where the author actually built. There are a lot of places to explore. Dungeons of all shapes and sizes keep the immortal wealth, but sometimes you can stumble on the trash. Also represented 94 view of the village houses, which are randomly located in this vast space. And here You'll find 38 a variety of custom buildings, 87 different species of trees (well it's a Botanical garden!), 13 well-designed dungeons, the tower, built on an interesting scheme a few extravagant mansions and 3049 (!) cool shit for new biomes! 

The Tower of the Time [1.8.0] [CTM]

Your mission in this map is to find and get two unique wool block, which will be required to complete the passing game. Find the passage to the top of the tower without unauthorized Prokopov and without the use of any third-party resources. On the way to the coveted blocks You will battle with monsters. Pass all the tests and You will succeed. The map does not have any checkpoints, You will have only one life and one chance to climb and it is very difficult. There are many hidden areas, chests full of useful items that will be useful during gameplay. If you lose, you will have to reinstall the map again. To get the full effect of the game don't break the established rules, do not change your game mode to creative, break buildings, and the like - from cheat lost interest.

SkyLayer Survival [1.6.0] [Survival]

This map presents some interesting conditions for survival. Here, You'll be on top of a huge tower, which consists of many layers. The space is extremely narrow, so the odds break down is extremely high. At least some resources I can fall into the abyss. The aim of the game is quite simple, You have to try to develop, using all that You see around you, and achieve piece of land floating under all that tall tower. To play on this map it is recommended that one player or two, a large number of people simply have nowhere to go.

Jimbo’s Useful Wards [1.1.1]

How to protect your camp from attacks of evil spirits? How to secure your cosy cottage or the area near the mine? With this addon, you can equip yourself a real security system. Iron and snow Golems are replaced with stationary turrets with different functions. To walk they can't, so it will stay where You put them, but the iron spits at enemies with a fireball (and he is immune to fire), and the snow will throw You in the healing snowballs. The enemy will not pass!

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