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SG Colored Terrain [1.8.0] [CTM]

There is a suspicion that this card is made of multi-colored jelly beans Skittles, but it's not sure! Huge space, clean hills, consisting of layers of all the colors of the rainbow. The surroundings are reminiscent of the landscape of a fantastic planet. However, I have to work hard to lifeless, albeit colorful surface of this fantastic world appeared oasis – Your own civilization. The map is multiplayer, and everything you need for survival is in the trunk to save the world. Organize with your friends a small community or create your own Rainbow Kingdom. Note: not suitable for black-and-white monitors.

SG Perfect Pyramid Ep. 1 [1.8.0] [Logical]

Pyramids keep many secrets and mysteries. Your mission is to explore one of the mystical buildings. Once inside the pyramid, go straight down the corridor, solving on the way various puzzles. Then You face the obstacle associated with parkour. But the most exciting challenge is, of course, falling down. Here You will have full speed to Dodge various obstacles in order to land softly on the ground. Your movement on the map is tracked automatically, so don't be surprised if You'll open new corridors. On the map will have to show all their thinking and dexterity. Stay tuned and don't miss all the fun!

The Land Of Lands [1.8.0] [CTM]

This is a huge custom map created for unforgettable adventures. Here there are a lot of different dungeons. Invented a large number of biomes, even primarily. In sum, the map includes: 621 different user structure, 473 differ from other villages, 877 different species of trees, 71 interestingly generated dungeon, 419 variants of biomes. Also on the card there are treasures in the form of ships of different sizes: two small, medium and large. Once inside the ship, You will have the chance to find the treasure, but keep in mind, on the way to it You can expect traps, if You stand on the wrong plate, it would blow up with the ship.

The Fresh Flatlands [1.8.0] [CTM]

Every person who builds a large-scale creations in a flat world unwittingly facing the same problem, when I want to see in the world around the towns, villages, castles were not so monotonous and boring. Now with this card to create something will be much more interesting, because if you run out of Your building, your custom world will be its continuation, because You will be able to observe magnificent views stretching endlessly into the distance. Forget about the emptiness and dejection. In totality this card has 17 different custom structures, 14 different villages, 76 species of trees, 24 variant biomes. Also there are no dungeons. But the map conceals a secret! Try it to uncover!

The Mundane Mountain [1.8.0] [CTM]

This map is not as boring as it might seem at first glance. It includes beautiful mountain landscapes and fields, but the greatest part is occupied by taiga forests. Here is a fairly large snow biome, underground which lurk many dungeons. In the forest there are places for camping. Together 49 different custom structures 24 are separated from each village, 281 species of trees, 46 well-designed dungeons, 193 variant biomes. This custom map is great for survival mode, as it is full of interesting places to study and places to relax. Start your new adventure right now!

The Beachside Boogie [1.8.0] [CTM]

Here are quite a beautiful map with stunning views. Here is a tropical Paradise for all those who need it. But not so simple as it seems at first glance. Bottom of lurking danger, and You have to overcome. The map includes several custom buildings, a village, 122 types of various trees, 17 well-designed dungeons and 82 of the option of various biomes. Map created for the implementation of it, that, for example, a mini-game. The author does not recommend playing in survival mode, as this location is not suitable for comfortable development (not all ore can be found and disabled achievements). But there are a lot of hardcore dungeons with traps and explosives.

The Adventurer’s Amazement [1.8.0] [CTM]

Here are the biggest custom map. There are some drawbacks, but mostly this endless world is pretty exciting. In addition to a fantastic view of the mountains and fields on the map has a lot of interesting dungeons that are worth exploring. overall, the world contains 1,483 different custom structures and landscapes, 832, differing from other villages, 685 possible types of trees, 184-designed dungeons, 8937 variations of biomes. This extraordinary world with unique landscapes designed for adventure! So gather everything you need in your inventory, arm, dress and go on a long journey. You appear in the upper corner of the map, so to start the game, go to the zero coordinates.

The Palette Place [1.8.0] [CTM]

Welcome to the colorful world. Here You will find 33 different types of village houses, 91 new trees 5-designed dungeons and 12 ideas unusual biomes. But the main attraction remain colored concrete top of various mountains and hills, and plains. Here there are ravines with all kinds of ores and fields with growing trees. All this is provided for a comfortable game in survival mode. Basically the map is created for creativity. But You will definitely be able to start their new adventure. Finding the cave in which is hidden a portal to the Edge, You will also be amazed at this colorful mood around. The author hopes that the map will leave You only positive emotions, because in the future it is planned to decorate the measurement of our beloved world of Minecraft.

The Sad Swamp [1.8.0] [Survival]

This map reveals a broad swamp biome with lots of trees and fancy buildings. In all, there are 100 custom structures and more than 800 new variants of biomes. You will not get bored if you choose the map for his new adventure survival favorite Minecraft. Explore the vast world of custom with 33 types of village houses, 138 options of various trees and 61 thought-out dungeon. In the beginning of the game You will be quite far from the marshes, surrounded by incredible trees. These only grow in their own unique biomes, which the author has invented and made himself.

The Pirate’s Paradise [1.8.0] [CTM]

You want to be a pirate? Surf the endless water spaces, to hide treasures in unusual places? Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the sea along with the map. No, You will not find luxury ship and become a pirate in fact. Here are just a great area with a unique landscape and plenty of water. You will definitely want to take a boat and begin your new adventure, sailing among the high rocky mountains, jungle and other charming places. The map includes 51 different types of buildings and structures, 24 types of rural houses 14 well-designed dungeons, 773 cool shit for new biomes. When You appear in the beginning, you'll see the high rocky mountains. The author called their "island spikes". Here You can find a variety of dungeons, and more.

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