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› Pillager Outpost Map Concept (BETA)

Pillager Outpost Map Concept (BETA) [1.9.0] [User map]

Pillager Outpost Map Concept (BETA)

Minecraft is not in place. And recently published photos of the future Outpost, which belongs to the robbers. The author of this custom world was not too lazy and have built similar structures on the map, so You can plunge into the future and explore new items first. Here You will see the main tower with many floors and some resources. Around this high buildings are tents, inside which are hidden pumpkins, and also is a cage with a prisoner in it, the iron Golem. Download this map and see all the novelties awaiting us in the near future.

Download pillageroutpost.mcworld [5,74 Mb] downloaded: 151 times
Download last version of Pillager Outpost Map Concept (BETA) from the official website
Download Pillager Outpost Map Concept (BETA) from MediaFire

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