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Spawner on the surface

In this side represented a fairly rare phenomenon. Just a few steps from the appearance point, you may find Spawner skeletons, which generate on the surface of the earth, not under it. There are also chests with stored products and iron ingots. It is, indeed, a very cool led, and its definitely worth a try!

The village is on a rock hut and a witch

In this side You will be able to locate the village where some houses were on top of quite a steep mountain. The structure is located on the edge of the cliff and look very strange. Among them is the home of a blacksmith. Also near the settlement inhabited by a witch in his little cozy hut. And after wandering in the desert, comes across the temple with protected treasures. Start your adventure in the presented side.

Three desert temple and a village near spawn

Using this led, You immediately find yourself in the village. Near the borders of the settlements located three desert temple, all of which are stored very useful resources such as iron, gold and even diamonds. This generation of the world will surely fit to begin new adventures in their favorite game, as it presents excellent conditions for comfortable survival.

Witch house and a village near spawn

Starting with version 0.14 for Minecraft Pocket Edition on the conventional gaming world began to pace the wicked witch, and also appeared their huts. They are usually located at the swamp biome. In this side is not difficult to detect the witch's house. And generating will be pleased with the village, which is located near spawn.

Five villages in the five biomes

In this side You will find five, distant from other villages. They are all located in different biomes. The settlement can be found in the dense forest, jungle, Savannah, plains and desert. It is, indeed, unique led, quite rare. Of all the biomes, you can choose where it wants to continue its development.

Extreme mountains in the water

This led for those who like extreme rock. After appearing in the game world You will find yourself on a small piece of floating boulders next to the waterfall. No matter where You go, the whole area surrounded by tall rocks and mountains. Here you can also see the floating Islands, numerous waterfalls and lava flows. Especially the steep rocks on the shores of lakes, rivers and seas.

Village in the ocean

This is really cool village set on the water. The spawn point is on one of the footpaths of the village, so You will not need stomp to find it. Near the village stick out a couple of small sandy Islands. If you look into the distance, you will not see any of the mainland. This is truly a unique led with great potential for survival. Here You will not be bored as You are surrounded by a crowd of villagers.

A big floating island

Here is a huge floating island. On screen you can see how great he is and how high was formed in the air. Most likely, such a place can serve as a great refuge, if You like to play in survival mode. Hostile mobs will be hard to get there. The only monster that should be feared, it is the skeleton. Build your own castle!

Village in a mushroom biome

Find a village in a mushroom biome near spawn is a very rare phenomenon in Minecraft. This led is useful in that the local village has a smithy, which is usually lacking in these worlds. The village is located half in the plains, so perhaps this village is not considered a mushroom. In order to find the village, turn left as soon as I appear in the game world, then walk diagonally to the right of 200-300 blocks and will be on the site.

Eight villages, extreme cliffs and floating Islands

In this side you can find eight villages, which are located close to each other. Also on the card were formed many floating Islands and extreme cliffs, is striking in its unique form. Led is full of unusual and rare phenomena. It is great for initial development in the world of Minecraft. All the details You'll learn by viewing the below video.

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