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› Three desert temple and a village near spawn

Three desert temple and a village near spawn

Three desert temple and a village near spawn

Using this led, You immediately find yourself in the village. Near the borders of the settlements located three desert temple, all of which are stored very useful resources such as iron, gold and even diamonds. This generation of the world will surely fit to begin new adventures in their favorite game, as it presents excellent conditions for comfortable survival.

SEED:-355602562 WORLD TYPE:Infinite 

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Mansion dark forest near the spawn point

At this location You will be about two small villages in the plains biome is a huge mansion located in a dark forest. This the Royal estate are known to be extremely hard to find, and therefore its generation near the point of spawn makes this led very attractive. However, you need to consider that the map will only work on version 1.1 of Minecraft and above.

Two villages and two temples

Here are the LEDs for those who want to be close to two villages and desert temples. Also in one of the settlements You will find the entrance to the underground stronghold and find the portal Region. The main advantage of this sid is that in desert temples contain many useful resources. You will be able to develop cool, starting their new adventure in the world of Minecraft.

Two desert temples and a village

In this side You will appear about two desert Temples and not far from the village, located in the biome of the Savannah. The map is very good to start a new adventure in the world of Minecraft, as for small amount of time You will be able to get quite a lot of useful resources. In total You can find 34 gold bars, 5 emeralds, 4 diamond and more.

Two temples in the jungle near spawn

You will find yourself deep in a huge jungle biome. Near the spawn point you can find two temples are located very close to each other. Here you can find amazing treasures such as diamonds and gold. But remember that the led only works with version 0.15 of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The village in the jungle and two temples in the desert

This led is perfect for the beginning of adventure and survival as it provides many resources only appear in the game world. The desert is home to two of the temple with lots of treasure: diamonds, emeralds, iron and gold ingots. And in the jungle You will find the village with agricultural land, where it is possible to collect enough food not to die of hunger. So, are the led has all the necessary resources to prepare for the upcoming challenges in the world of Minecraft.

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