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› Eight villages, extreme cliffs and floating Islands

Eight villages, extreme cliffs and floating Islands

Eight villages, extreme cliffs and floating Islands

In this side you can find eight villages, which are located close to each other. Also on the card were formed many floating Islands and extreme cliffs, is striking in its unique form. Led is full of unusual and rare phenomena. It is great for initial development in the world of Minecraft. All the details You'll learn by viewing the below video.

SEED:fan fiction WORLD TYPE:Infinite 

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Ultra Amplified Survival World [1.2.8] [Map]

Ultra Amplified Survival World different from other maps absolutely insane landscapes and filled with unusual structures. It was originally created for Java Edition, and then moved to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. This will probably be one of the most abnormal place you've met Minecraft. The map is built on layers and forms massive floating Islands and ledges. Biomes are mixed with each other to reduce the distance between them. Added shlamovye lake where you can swim napryagatsya. Underground you will find an extensive system of mazes and passages with random rooms.

Epic Cliffs [1.1.0] [Creative]

Epic Cliffs - one of the best mountain bases You will find for Minecraft Pocket Edition. When creating the building used a unique rocks generated in the game world. Base includes a large number of tunnels, which connect the many rooms. You don't have to go out in which case, all movement can be done inside the building. With the help of Redstone mechanisms, it is possible to improve security. Before doing this make sure that all hostile monsters are on the outside.

BIOM and clay village

In this side You will be pretty close to two separate villages. Here You will be able to produce useful resources for the initial development of your favorite game. Also, visit the clay biome, located near settlements, where You can find several blocks of gold ore. Start your adventure with the led and you will not regret.

The village near the Jungle and the Treasury on the surface

Here is a very cool led, which includes a number of desert villages located on the border of the biome of the jungle. A little further You'll be able to find the treasure, formed on the surface. Typically, such dungeons are underground, so what is presented in this side - a rare phenomenon that is worth to see with my own eyes.

Epic Cliffs in the Jungle

In this side You will appear in the biome of the jungle, covering a distance of 100-150 units. If you walk a little further into the thick forest, you will find lots of epic cliffs and mountain ledges. This is a very difficult kind of terrain, as it is quite difficult to pass, which makes the led very interesting for survival.

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