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City of the Region close to the Central Islands

Are the led is a wonderful opportunity to explore the wonderful world of the Region. Better, of course, if You're in creative mode. The city Region is not very far from the Central island, on which the circling dragon. Create a portal and travel to the star world. If You are looking for easy ways, then good luck finding the underground fortress, where there is a path in the starry Wonderland.

Forest mansion near the spawn point

Woodland Mansion is a new type of structure generated in the world, designed for the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.
Actually, it's one of the rarer structures in Minecraft. But not this side! Here we come very close to forest manor. It is easy to find it for a few seconds after appearing. Mansion seamlessly blends into the landscape and is partially in the picturesque mountain. The interior is randomly generated, so there will always be something new. And please be careful, there may meet unfriendly strangers!

Mansion dark forest near the spawn point

At this location You will be about two small villages in the plains biome is a huge mansion located in a dark forest. This the Royal estate are known to be extremely hard to find, and therefore its generation near the point of spawn makes this led very attractive. However, you need to consider that the map will only work on version 1.1 of Minecraft and above.

Village ice spikes around the point.

The spot, located a few hundred meters from a small snowy village. The harsh climate, the spikes of ice and miles of frozen wasteland – what could be more romantic? Around the silence and beauty. Become a philosopher, knows the frailty of flying around the world, climbing into this blessed wilderness.

The temple of the jungle on the water

Presented in side You will find yourself in a dense jungle. If you fly in the direction indicated, then after about thirty seconds you will be able to reach the Temple. By the way, he is right on the water. If You can get there in survival mode, breaking the tall hills? In the Temple You expect traps and surprises.

Two villages and two temples

Here are the LEDs for those who want to be close to two villages and desert temples. Also in one of the settlements You will find the entrance to the underground stronghold and find the portal Region. The main advantage of this sid is that in desert temples contain many useful resources. You will be able to develop cool, starting their new adventure in the world of Minecraft.

Little wrong village

In the presented side, You'll appear right in the centre of the small village. But it's not just village residents. It's the wrong one!!! Here striking sawn homes and farms, as well as, stuck between a home. It is possible that this error occurred when generating the two villages at the same time. However, in General the impression is like living here sloppy people.

Two desert temples and a village

In this side You will appear about two desert Temples and not far from the village, located in the biome of the Savannah. The map is very good to start a new adventure in the world of Minecraft, as for small amount of time You will be able to get quite a lot of useful resources. In total You can find 34 gold bars, 5 emeralds, 4 diamond and more.

Three villages and a desert Temple

Here are the pretty cool led that includes three villages and one desert temple. They are located in completely different biomes, but very close to the spawn point. In the settlements and the temple holds many useful resources, so this map is great for survival mode, as there is the opportunity of rapid development.

Two desert village near spawn

Presented in side You will be at a distance of 10-20 years of blocks from two villages located in the desert biome. Villages generate rather strange, since one has formed on the river, and the other is for the most part on the plain, but consists of sand blocks. In every village You will find the blacksmith. Also, this led can please the desert temple.

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