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Five villages

In this side there are five villages are located close to each other, so it looks like one big village. This phenomenon is very much a great rarity, and, when such occurs, the brain just explodes with joy. And You can easy find to use for their purposes and to recommend to friends.

Extreme Savannah and Two Villages

In this side You will find two desert village with a forge and chests to store pretty useful things. In addition, about settlements is a biome of savannas with unique rocks. Climbing upstairs you can find a design like a mushroom. Led, indeed, includes the superb landscape and a base for the initial development in Minecraft.

The dungeon in the village

Dungeons usually are formed deep in the earth. But, in rare cases, You can stumble across an open treasure chest. This led includes such a unique phenomenon. Here is the village in which he hides one Spawner skeletons and a chest. This is a great place to build rocking on mobs where you can easily gain experience and enchant books.

A quick search of diamonds, gold and iron ore

Resources are very important at the initial stage of development in Minecraft because the materials required for all types of tools, without which it is impossible to do in survival mode. Presented in side You will find a small number of the most valuable resources a few minutes after entering the game world.

Epic Cliffs in the Jungle

In this side You will appear in the biome of the jungle, covering a distance of 100-150 units. If you walk a little further into the thick forest, you will find lots of epic cliffs and mountain ledges. This is a very difficult kind of terrain, as it is quite difficult to pass, which makes the led very interesting for survival.

Four villages near spawn

This led includes four villages, which are easily accessible on foot. Three of them are blacksmiths, storing useful things and resources. It's a great start for a new adventure in the world of Minecraft. Also visit the abandoned settlement, zombie-infested residents. If You like survival, then be sure to try out are the LEDs.

A rare wood with a High Birches

Presented in side You can visit the forest where it grows quite a lot of rare high birches. Referring to the Minecraft Wiki, these trees are very hard to find. People find this phenomenon, claims that the first time she sees this, and therefore decided to share with the world this interesting led.

Two temples in the jungle near spawn

You will find yourself deep in a huge jungle biome. Near the spawn point you can find two temples are located very close to each other. Here you can find amazing treasures such as diamonds and gold. But remember that the led only works with version 0.15 of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

The village in the jungle and two temples in the desert

This led is perfect for the beginning of adventure and survival as it provides many resources only appear in the game world. The desert is home to two of the temple with lots of treasure: diamonds, emeralds, iron and gold ingots. And in the jungle You will find the village with agricultural land, where it is possible to collect enough food not to die of hunger. So, are the led has all the necessary resources to prepare for the upcoming challenges in the world of Minecraft.

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