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Too many Churches and other

In this side You will be close to three different temples. The map is suitable for those who want to start a new adventure in the challenging world of Minecraft, as there is just a few minutes you can produce about fifty gold and iron ingots. Also presented in side You will be able to find the village and the witch's hut. Generation of the world is indeed very interesting, so be sure to try it on.

The flat spawn

In this side You find yourself on very flat plains biome. This is probably the most smooth random generation of the world, which only can encounter in Minecraft Pocket Edition. This area will be useful for those who want to build something and doesn't want long to bother with leveling the ground. Also around full of forests, you may gain enough resources for their creations, if you are going to play in survival mode. And here You will find a small village. For this we need to travel a distance of 100-150 blocks straight from spawn point.

BIOM and clay village

In this side You will be pretty close to two separate villages. Here You will be able to produce useful resources for the initial development of your favorite game. Also, visit the clay biome, located near settlements, where You can find several blocks of gold ore. Start your adventure with the led and you will not regret.

The highest village Church

Presented in side You will be able to stumble on the highest generated village Church in Minecraft. She stands at a height of 31 in unit, and very little misses the clouds. The inhabitants of this settlement must be very religious, just to build such amazing temples, or perhaps they just want to impress everyone to know here how hard working and special people.

The village is in the swamp

Using this led, You will be in the village on the swamp. There are farms and a blacksmith. Map the survival, as supplies have large stocks of food. We can say that there are quite rare, as normally the village could not be found in the swamp biome, but local settlement actually formed on the edge of the plain.

Village ice plains spikes

In this awesome side You will appear near the village, which is located on the plain of ice spikes. To find the settlement, You will have to travel a distance of a few hundred blocks from the spawn point. In fact, the village generate in a snow biome, but part of her was quite in an unusual place. Unfortunately, in the settlement there is no blacksmith, but is rare it is still worth to take a look with your own eyes.

Triple village between four biomes

In this side You will find yourself near the triple village is located between four biomes: clay, desert, plains and savanna. In the settlement you may encounter with strange generated structures, for example, a house, standing at the other house. This map is suitable for those who want to start a new adventure of survival in the world of Minecraft. Here You will find chests with useful resources.

Triple village, the temple in the wilderness and Spawner zombies

Located in this side is really cool triple village with incredible mountain landscape. Here you can find two blacksmiths and a lot of useful resources that are particularly useful for initial development in the world of Minecraft. Near the settlement is a desert Temple as well as the video indicated the place where very close to the surface of the earth formed the Treasury with chests and spawners zombies.

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