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Double Temple in the Desert

In this side You can visit the double temple located in the desert biome. This finding will help You for the initial development in the world of Minecraft. Just walk a little further from the spawn and you will see two temples, standing very close to each other. They keep a lot of gold ingots, iron ore and diamonds. This is a good beginning of an adventure.

Zombie village in Savannah

Zombie village is, apparently, a new feature in Minecraft as of version 0.15. In this side You'll be able to find your settlement. There could be no life, only when the sun goes down and night falls, the houses climb, the zombie population. If You like dangerous places, are the LEDs for You.

Double village on the island

With this led You have probably never before faced. Here you can see a double village located on a small island. Of course, the settlements on the water is no surprise, but there are two of them at once. With that reunion village is much better. She has more than 20 farms and about 10 houses. Sorry, no Smiths, but it's still a pretty cool led.

Flat flat terrain

This led offers You a fairly flat plains biome. In any case, it is not an extraordinary finding, but it provides a great opportunity for the erection of any buildings, because they do not have to bother about clearing the site. Now You don't have long to find the area under the huge buildings, everything you need is in this side.

Floating Needle and Snow-covered Village

In this side You will be able to stumble upon an unidentified flying object, but most of all, here is a simple needle, so do not expect that the world of Minecraft began to seize the aliens. To get to the floating home on foot, take a little time, but this spectacle really worth it. After a visit to a local attraction, You can go to the nearest village. There are many useful for the initial development of Minecraft.

A small village on the island

This led will take You to an island far in the ocean. But the real fun is just 100-150 blocks of spawn point is a village on the island. The settlement is located on a small piece of land separated from the place where You appeared, and this phenomenon looks very cool.

Survival island

In this side You appear into the most suitable for the survival island that you may encounter in the world of Minecraft. Shape and natural resources on the island make it ideal. In the center hanging on the hill you can find a large number of trees. Also it is home to cows, pigs and other animals who love to eat grass.

Double Underwater fortress

This led is really unique, as there is double underwater fortress (or rather the two fortresses next to each other) and it is located very close to the spawn point. One building looks quite strange, because part of it was destroyed. This is probably due to the generation of the second fortress nearby. For use submitted to SIDA, You need Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.15.9 or greater.

Village dungeon

This led is ideal for beginning adventurers in the world Minecraft. Here You will find yourself in a lovely village near the forge. The settlement borders a desert biome and is located on the plain that hides a great secret. Start digging under the Central well and You will come to a huge dungeon with a library, spawners skeletons and, of course, a portal to the Edge!

Needle and snow-covered village

Needle - new structure, which is randomly generated in a snow biome with version 0.17.0 Minecraft Pocket Edition. It not only provides excellent shelter for the night, but will give You the basement lurks a surprise. The needle is slightly to the right from the snow-covered village.

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