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Underwater ocean fortress and dungeon

This led is quite rare. For some reason about the underwater fortress located cave, where you can find the portal to the edge. The maze is visible to the naked eye, but we still advise to drink a potion of night vision for better view. Start your new adventure of survival with this unique led and surprise your friends.
first check the coordinates of the fortress by typing: /locate stronghold. Having a location to drive the team by example with your coordinates: /tp @a-912 excavator produced 32 -1216.

The Distant Forest Mansion

Mansion in the woods is a rare structure, which is usually generated in the dark forest. The estate consists of 2-3 floors and many different rooms. Some areas are hidden from view, so You have to look for secret passages. This led only works with the 1.1.0 version of Minecraft Pocket Edition and above.

Underwater fortress around spawn

That's really a great led for those seeking underwater fortress near the spawn point. Here You'll be 10 seconds walk from the coveted temple. To better see the location of the fortress, I advise you to drink a potion of night vision, then You will not miss the sight of this gorgeous, but dangerous place.

Island Savannah

In this side You find yourself on a small island located in the ocean. But the main attraction is a little further. Look around and You will be able to find one large island. It only includes the savanna biome, which is quite rare in the vast ocean. This is a great led for the rigors of survival.

The dungeon under the village

In this side You will be able to easily find a portal in the Region. The dungeon is located right under the village. The way there takes a little time, but it's worth it. Once in the dark tunnels, stumble upon a treasure, guarded by skeletons. To get to the coveted portal, You will have to defeat monsters. It definitely makes the game much more interesting. Start your adventure in survival mode with the led.

The village has a blacksmith and a Temple in the desert

It's a great led for those who are going to start the game in survival mode. Here You will find the village where a blacksmith lives. Also near the settlement is located a deserted Temple. Thanks to the collected resources can be a good idea to develop. In just a few minutes You will put on, shoes, make weapons and cook food. Then, you can go on a big adventure and explore the endless world of Minecraft.

Snow-covered village

Normally in Minecraft there are no villages generated in a snow biome. But sometimes, there are settlements located on the border of two different biomes. And then we can observe this unusual phenomenon of Snow-covered villages. In this side You will appear near this settlement. There really easy to get. Once in the world, just move from the spawn point to the right diagonally.

Water village

In this side You will find a village which is located right on the water. Side looks as if it was once flooded and now is only a deserted settlement. Also the village has a resemblance to the popular city in Italy - Venice, where the streets are filled with water and the movement is carried out on different boats. In the presented settlement You will find the blacksmith, farm fields and lots of homes. The village is no different on the other, it just generate in an unusual place.

The triple village is in the desert

Presented in side You will appear near the triple village is located in the desert biome. It is possible to find 24 farm, two blacksmiths and more than 20 houses. Here is quite a lot of resources, so this card is perfect for those who want to start an adventure in the dangerous world of Minecraft in survival mode.

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