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› Extreme mountains in the water

Extreme mountains in the water

Extreme mountains in the water

This led for those who like extreme rock. After appearing in the game world You will find yourself on a small piece of floating boulders next to the waterfall. No matter where You go, the whole area surrounded by tall rocks and mountains. Here you can also see the floating Islands, numerous waterfalls and lava flows. Especially the steep rocks on the shores of lakes, rivers and seas.

SEED:1410992808 WORLD TYPE:Infinite 

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Extreme Safe House [1.7.0] [Redstone]

The most protected building specially created for Your safety in survival mode. The structure is equipped with over 350 command blocks. There are three modes of protection, and more. If You had enough monsters, especially cponidine in Your house, then presented creation that You need. Now You can not worry about their safety inside Your fortress. The presented structure is not just some "box", it is a full mansion with the interior in, so then You will definitely feel like a diamond magnate.


A huge ice mountain, the top of which barely rises above the water and a huge main part is hidden below the water are icebergs, ice mountains.They can not be called biomes in the full sense of the word. But they are a really interesting phenomenon that is worth considering in more detail. This addition Caspionet You on a small island, which is located in close proximity to the cold ocean. There are floating icebergs – there are 4 types. you Can fly and swim, learning a new kind of natural formation. It's worth it!

Ultra Amplified Survival World [1.2.8] [Map]

Ultra Amplified Survival World different from other maps absolutely insane landscapes and filled with unusual structures. It was originally created for Java Edition, and then moved to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. This will probably be one of the most abnormal place you've met Minecraft. The map is built on layers and forms massive floating Islands and ledges. Biomes are mixed with each other to reduce the distance between them. Added shlamovye lake where you can swim napryagatsya. Underground you will find an extensive system of mazes and passages with random rooms.

The intersection of 4 rivers

This led takes you to the intersection of the four rivers in the biome of the jungle. One of the rivers leads to the ocean. The other two lead to the savanna-biome and the temple of the desert. The fourth river will take you directly to the temple of the jungle. It's a really cool led, which has many interesting places to explore. For example, inside the temple of the jungle you will be able to find such treasures like emeralds, iron ingots, and gold. Due to the river, you can not so easy to get lost and soon find the way back. 

Extreme Paintball [1.0.0] [PVP]

Extreme Paintball is an amazing map where they can fight among themselves 2 to 4 players. You can choose between two game styles: normal paintball or king of the hill. This package contains the addon, replacing the usual snow on balls, dealing damage to the opponent at 1 HP. Also, this projectile flies straight infinitely, so You only need to aim and attack.

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