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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 1.11.0



Pixeldroid’s Christmas Spleef (Template) [1.0.0] [Mini game]

This map is a mini-game, spleef, which is suitable for the contest between 2-4 players. The aim of the game is to dig as many blocks under the other players, so that they fell and You stayed upstairs. The highlight of this card is that it is a world-pattern, and therefore, it can be reset many times and when You want. For this we need to create a new world using this map.

Remember Death 2 [1.0.0] [Logical]

This map includes 8 different logical tasks. Each level has several separate rooms. In the first stage You should try to remember all the blocks, and the second - try to tell the difference between rooms. This is a serious challenge for those who loves puzzles or similar games where you have to focus. The first levels should not cause big problems, but moving further and further, You will experience real trouble.

Gallimimus [1.0.0]

Gallien - a dinosaur that roamed the earth millions of years ago. It can be found for the very small eyes, thin body and long tail. This Supplement replaces svinozombi on the ancient reptiles. This mob will be passive and be scared of players and run away from them. However, You will be able to tame gallimimus and ride it, only they don't particularly like.

Elytra Christmas [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Elytra Christmas is a great map to experience the atmosphere of holiday, because everything here is built in the Christmas theme. Prepare your wing and get ready for active operations. You can play alone or challenge your friends. The card consists of one long sustained commitment, which includes many obstacles such as: tunnels, rings, sharp cliffs, and other obstacles

Animated Pack [64x64] [1.0.0]

You want to make your world a brighter and livelier? Then this texture pack is the perfect solution. More than 70 different units will receive beautiful high quality animations. Grass and other plants with this texture will become more realistic. And whatnot you can see, so it would download and install all presents and enjoy.

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Elytra Elite [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Elytra Elite - the incredible map of the elytra, consisting of 7 different and equally stunning levels. You may find that they are too few, but the developer warns that many of them are insanely difficult to pass. This map litroe a bit different from others since it is similar to the game with the fall, but here You have to fly. The developer is convinced that it is by far the best map with the elytra, in which it is played today.

Shulker Boxes [1.0.0]

Shulker Boxes is a feature in the PC version of Minecraft. It is likely to be introduced Pocket Edition in the near future, since we now have shulker in version 1.0.0. This Supplement replaces the mob sulker sulker boxes that can be used to store items. But since You can get these boxes only using the spawn egg, it's honestly not something that would be useful in survival mode.

Half Heart Survival 2 [1.0.0] [Parkour]

The purpose of this map is to complete 10 levels of parkour, and die. There are no safe points, so most likely it will be extremely difficult. The developer has tried their best and did a really, really tough conditions for survival. The amount of CP is reduced to one half of the heart, and it means that only one wrong step you could die and have to start all over again.

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