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Troll Test 3 [1.7.0] [Logical]

If You are looking for cards, capable to tickle nerves, it is a creation specifically for You. There are a lot of mazes with various traps. Have a little think before making any move. The entire map includes ten levels. If You manage to pass them all, you will surely get a prize. To achieve success, don't give up and quit the game half way. It all depends on You! Good luck!

FnaF Heads Pack [1.2.5]

This resource pack replaces some of the heads and skulls in the game the heads of the animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF). Who does not remember, FNAF is a horror game in which you need to survive in the dark in a building with animatronically. How does it work? All heads can wear and wear and put on the ground. Freddy Fazbear (brown) - Replaces the head of a creeper. Chick (yellow) - Replaces the head of the skeleton. Foxy (red) - replaces the head of the skeleton ischitella. Bonnie (purple) - Replaces the zombie's head. 

Redstone Friends 2 [1.1.0] [Logical]

Redstone Friends 2 – a good map for two or four players. We split into two teams and compete by completing challenges based on electrical circuits and elements of parkour. To advance to the next level, but only 10 of them, need to open the door and be able to get out. These puzzles will make you string up the brains, and even the time is limited! 

InBegIn: Destiny [1.1.0] [Horror]

InBegin: Destiny is a mind - bending map of horrors. Your task here is to avoid the terrible nightmare. The plot has multiple endings dependent on Your actions. It is quite complicated, but fascinating story, albeit creepy. But sometimes fear helps to make the right decision. In the story, You Wake up in an unknown place. Every time You are trying to approach the truth one step, the situation becomes more complicated. Can You escape from this hellish nightmare or will be stuck for all eternity?
it is Worth mentioning that this map is based on these games-horror like Outlast 7 Days Salvation.

Redstone Friends [1.1.0] [Logical]

This card is designed for two players. Cooperation is the key to success. You and a friend have to go through ten levels, equipped with electric mechanisms. nerve, ingenuity, teamwork spirit, that's what's required. We open the door for his friend, and he opens the door for us. Appear on the launch pad, read the instructions and forward, good luck!

Creepy Sounds for Horror Maps [1.1.0] [Redstone]

This map shows some of the sounds that are present in the "vanilla" version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Want to make a map of a spooky adventure? This is just what you need. The mechanism works using command blocks and do not require additional resources. You can add other packages. Works for version and subsequent.

Troll Test 2: Terracotta Trolling [1.1.0] [Logical]

To be a victim of a Troll will agree, not very nice. In this case, the Creator doesn't want to offer You something disturbing or offensive. Here are quite interesting and funny card game. Obvious and seemingly logical solution with high probability will be incorrect. This map can easily mislead You, so it's so fun to play. Get ready for hard trolling.

InBegIn: Endless [1.0.0] [Horror]

InBegIn: Endless - the third part of a series of mysterious and eerie adventures. This time You will be sent to the village Richmond. As soon as you arrive, You will realize that there is something wrong. The developer does not want to reveal all the secrets, as the storyline is rather short, but extremely fascinating and intriguing, because You have no idea what to expect.

Elytra Christmas [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Elytra Christmas is a great map to experience the atmosphere of holiday, because everything here is built in the Christmas theme. Prepare your wing and get ready for active operations. You can play alone or challenge your friends. The card consists of one long sustained commitment, which includes many obstacles such as: tunnels, rings, sharp cliffs, and other obstacles

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