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All Gamerules (Tutorial) [1.1.0] [Creative]

This map presents different possibilities to customize game maps. For example, if You downloaded any mini-game in multiplayer mode and wish to set certain rules and configurations, All Gamerules (Tutorial) will help You with this. Here You'll learn how to set fall damage, fire damage, weather conditions and much more. This map is really good, as it gives a lot of useful information.

Tomb Crafter: The Legendary Pickaxe [1.0.4] [Adventure]

One of the most legendary picks in the Universe of Minecraft was stolen by the followers of evil. Anyone who gets in the hands of a special artifact, can have great power and authority like God. The abduction picks are a direct threat to the entire world and You are assigned a task - to go in search of the artifact, return it, whatever the cost, and restore order on the planet. This card is amazing, it has amazing surroundings and unforgettable story. Some mysterious things are pretty difficult to decipher, and they might make the adventure much more interesting and exciting.

Gold Crafter PVP Transformers [1.0.0] [Mini game]

This is a very cool map that includes two giant fighting robots that can really run into each other shells. The developer strongly recommends to play this mini-game with friends, as it requires at least 2 players to control volley fire TNT cannons. What is the secret of victory? Everything is simple, pull the levers as quickly as possible, crushing the enemy.

Elytra Map 2 v.1.0.0 [1.0.0] [Mini game]

This map will delight You with four different levels that need to be completed before You can declare yourself a real winged champion. Elytra - wings, which is one of the new features in version 1.0 for Minecraft PE (only for Android version). Data elytra dress instead of the breastplate on the body of Your player and then used for flight.

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