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Outlined GUI [1.1.0]

This unfortunately makes the user graphical interface is pretty transparent. The buttons panel and the slots menu rounded lines for a comfortable use. It's a very clever package for those looking for simplified and not very eye-catching graphical user interface. The scale of hunger and health will remain the same.

Edited by: InnaMononoke - 27-05-2017, 21:59
Reason: Обновление

Transparent GUI [16x16] [1.0.4]

Transparent GUI makes the GUI a little more transparent, i.e. through buttons and display various actions (e.g., opening inventory, furnace, trade) will show through the character of the surrounding objects and terrain, within a field of view. The screen of the gameplay looks much cleaner as bulky colorful buttons and string array objects are not particularly striking. It's very simple but quite a useful resource for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Instant Ender Pearls [1.0.0]

This resource eliminates a long and tedious flight animation in Pearls of the Region. Now You can instantly teleport to target location. With pearls You will discover the ability for enderman to a rapid movement area. Using the addon that movement through the vast world of Minecraft will become faster and more enjoyable. Also You won't be able to catch any single mob.

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