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Elemental Bosses [1.0.0]

The amendment introduces five gorgeous bosses in our favorite Minecraft Pocket Edition. Each of them has its own unique attack abilities and are natural elements. The best part is that most bosses are summoned with a specific ritual, namely, to killing certain types of mobs. Of course, You can not bother and just use the egg spawn. But the developer believes that a ritual battle with monsters much more fun it will add some atmosphere and unusual experiences.

Ant World [1.0.0]

Ant World makes all the mobs of the familiar world of Minecraft is much less. Also reduced their health and strength in order to match its size. Actually creatures more ants, but in their eyes You probably will look like a giant and maybe even God.

More Chairs [1.0.0]

This is the first addon with furniture for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It introduces 9 different chairs where you can sit down. It should be noted that this addition replaces some of the usual creatures, but You will get amazing furniture and design of Your homes. Turn the chairs you can use cookies.

Giant Yeti [1.0.0]

The Yeti is an APE-like creature that lives in the snow. Some believe that they exist in real life, but there is no substantial evidence which would have confirmed this. This Supplement launches a giant Yeti in the Minecraft world and surprises with its majestic power, which is only at most of these bosses! Expected to be very hot battle against this fierce creature and as soon as You defeat him, get the treasure hidden inside!

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