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Japanese Garden Arena [1.0.4] [PVP]

Japanese Garden Arena is an amazing place to battle with your friends to find out who is the best Pvp fighter. Arena implies a battle 1 on 1, but you can create a match between two teams. The design of the entire creation is based on Asian architecture. The developer with the nickname Luma first to use this style to create a Pvp arena. Overall, it came out very nice. Perhaps the map will appeal to fans of Japanese culture.

Medieval Fantasy Inn [1.0.0] [Map]

Here are quite steep and the restaurant, in which you can drop in after a long day of traveling through the game world. The construction is very similar to the place from the popular movie "Lord of the Rings". The building itself looks small but the interior design should be chosen, so the room felt spacious. The map includes a barn, a tavern and a mysterious portal to Hell.

Gingerbread House [1.0.0] [Creative]

Start your next adventure in this wonderful frosty world. This map is a gingerbread house life size, as well as a Christmas tree and gifts. Around the buildings you can watch the beautiful winter landscape, consisting mainly of snow and ice spikes. You will plunge into the Christmas mood, so probably download and install the map.

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