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Helicopter [1.0.0]


This is the first controlled flying device for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Here are the really cool helicopter which can rise up to the sky and explore the Minecraft world from a great height. The engine runs on fuel, so try to do gasoline supplies when hitting the road. The helicopter requires refilling every minute. For traffic control use diamond sword.

Download helicopter-b.mcpack [224,59 Kb] downloaded: 773 times
Download helicopter-r.mcpack [469,07 Kb] downloaded: 863 times
Download last version of Helicopter from the official website

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Jetpack [1.8.0]

Presented Supplement replaces the chainmail cuirass on the new jetpack! The jetpack is a personal device that is able to levitate whole player! Manage the aircraft just enough to activate the squat and begin to soar in the sky or take in a hand a stick, which is much more convenient for handheld versions of our favorite games. Disable flight can squat deactivating or removing the stick. To get the jetpack will succeed just as well as chainmail, like killing zombies or skeletons that are wearing this armor. Jetpack provides many benefits for the game in survival mode.

Mesaville [1.8.0] [Creative]

There are not procedurally generated village. It's more than just a village, because there is everything, from naval base to impressive castles, and other cool structures. The settlement looks like is actually created in the Minecraft automatically, not man-made. Maybe someday something similar will be put into our beloved game in the future. This map includes not only the village, surrounded by walls, but also many other interesting things outside. For example, the ancient Greek temple, a medieval ancient castle, a modern mansion with a helipad on the roof, airport, moored to the shore, a container ship, a naval port, submarine and ship, as well as a secret submarine base. It is only part that can be seen! Download this amazing map full of contrasts, You're sure to enjoy an unforgettable adventure in survival mode, or a simple walk in the creative, exploring every corner.

Wii Rainbow Road Recreation [1.8.0] [Creative]

Ten years ago, in 2008, Nintendo released the "Mario Kart Wii". To mark the anniversary, the authors presented maps, recreated with these fun slides in our familiar world of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Here You will have the unique opportunity to ride on rainbow road, sitting on the trolley. Card, really bright and colourful, it will cheer You up. To ride on these hills it is recommended that night-time game of the day, because only on a dark background creates the most extraordinary atmosphere.

The Missing Gem (Flyable Helicopters) [1.1.0] [Adventure]

Your mission is to fly straight by helicopter to the village, take away, stolen by the inhabitants, a precious stone, to throw the bomb village and go further with peace of mind. As You can see, here are air transport, fully working with Redstone and command blocks. In order to bring the helicopter in motion, will only have to press on the pressure plate. The map can be played in multiplayer mode and play with friends.

BlackHawk [1.0.0]

This addon introduces in the familiar world of Minecraft combat helicopter "Black Hawk", which, indeed, can be used in battles. It is similar with the addition of the "Helicopter", that's just the design of the local aircraft looks much cooler. Also introduced new features which make the helicopter seem more realistic. Approaching hostile monsters and "Black Hawk" will automatically begin to attack them. Call your friends and make exciting fights.

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