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Narwhal Addon [1.7.0]

Elegant handsome man, an inhabitant of the deep sea, the narwhal – this addon turns an ordinary Dolphin in a beautiful holder of a long bone. Mob is a really nice, slim and neat. Moves, and behaves generally in the same way as a Dolphin. 15 health points, damage – 5. But why to fight him? It's so great if your coastal waters swam so adorable. Do not be confused by the powerful tusks of this unique mob: if unicorns are not in the real world, though they have Minecraft.

Connect 4 (Fully Automated) [1.0.5] [Mini game]

This map is a fully automatic mini-game called Connect 4, where players must take turns throwing blocks of sand into a huge grid. The first one to post a line of four cubes of his color is the winner. You can easily restart the game by pressing the button, located at the beginning of the map. We wish you a great time.

Sumo! [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Here are the map with a mini-game, designed for two participants. Goal is using his sword to knock your opponent off the Board. It's like sumo wrestling where two strong men pushed each other. But there is a more simplified version. Don't expect everything to become huge, or incredible. It's just a fun little mini-game!

Sand Scrambler [1.0.0] [Mini game]

Sand Scrambler mini-game where players must escape from avalanches of sand. Each participant is given a flint with which you need to burn the wooden ceilings of an enclosed space. The blocks will disappear, and the sand on top to crumble. The latter, well-established and not choking the player is the winner. This idea was first laid out, and the developer says that it's pretty fun mini-game.

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