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DelisoJan’s Island Tycoon [1.1.0] [Survival]

DelisoJan’s Island Tycoon

If you get on a nice deserted island in the ocean, then with high probability You will become a Robinson Crusoe. Here is what happened. So – what do we have? We have the task to stretch the mind, to solve a few logical questions and gather resources that will allow you to do from the rugged and bare rocks attractive island, which even Peter blood prefer the Barbados government.

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Gorilla Island [1.1.0] [Creative]

Mysterious island the Gorilla... there is a rather sly Park for thrill-seekers, located on the picturesque coast of the island. The castle, rising out of the water, a huge sculpture of a gorilla head, a lot of horrible roller coaster. Here is where to hang!

Island Savannah

In this side You find yourself on a small island located in the ocean. But the main attraction is a little further. Look around and You will be able to find one large island. It only includes the savanna biome, which is quite rare in the vast ocean. This is a great led for the rigors of survival.

A village on the island and an underwater fortress

In this side near the spawn point You will find the village on the island. Also very close is the underwater fortress. In it You will meet the guards and, perhaps, a senior Keeper, who is playing the boss. Following the directions on the screen, you can visit the clay biome. Start your new adventure together with the led.

Double village on the island

With this led You have probably never before faced. Here you can see a double village located on a small island. Of course, the settlements on the water is no surprise, but there are two of them at once. With that reunion village is much better. She has more than 20 farms and about 10 houses. Sorry, no Smiths, but it's still a pretty cool led.

Survival island

In this side You appear into the most suitable for the survival island that you may encounter in the world of Minecraft. Shape and natural resources on the island make it ideal. In the center hanging on the hill you can find a large number of trees. Also it is home to cows, pigs and other animals who love to eat grass.

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